10 Tips & Tricks to Gain views on Instagram videos

The more views you get on your Instagram videos, the more of a chance you have to make money from that platform. More views equal more opportunities. It helps get the message across to your fans and good shareable content brings in more audience, leading to brand recognition. It is safe to say that views are a token of engagement on Instagram, just like followers and likes. Thankfully, with the help of useful platforms like Viralyft, you can buy Instagram views and make a lasting impression on an audience. There is no exact number of views you should get, keep aiming higher when you are trying to garner engagement.

A few tips and tricks to help you gain more views are:

  • Create a simple, unforgettable username and optimize your bio. Many users search for the users they are interested in by typing in the description such as – “marketing guru”, “fashion stylist” or “content creator”. If you use these terms next to your name on your profile, there are more chances for you to get discovered. You rank higher in the search results for that particular query and chances are, you end up gaining many loyal followers. 
  • Set a relevant category so that Instagram recognizes which niche you belong to and can recommend your posts to users who have shown interest in the same niche. The category is located directly under your profile name and helps the audience know your content better. The algorithm is very wise as you might have noticed. If you like a certain piece of art – it will go ahead and show you similar artworks to keep you using the app. 
  • Adding keywords in your headline and description helps. The algorithm is drawn to such things and your ranking in the search results improves dramatically. It helps your handle get higher up in the search results.
  • Use the location tag and hashtags on your videos to make them more discoverable to an audience interested in the same content. Don’t use too many hashtags to make the post look unappealing. But use a sufficient amount of moderately used tags so that your content can rank easily.
  • Utilize the features Instagram has for engagement purposes. They have polls and Q&A stickers which you can use to interact with your audience and form a genuine bond with them. When you buy Instagram views, people are attracted to your account, but without regular content or interaction, they might not follow you for long. When you talk to your audience regularly, they are more inclined to give a chance to the products or services you will offer them.
  • Post content of high-quality. No one likes a blurry or unclear image that messes with your feed and also ends up costing you, followers, and viewers. If you want to gain more views for your Instagram videos, you need to make sure that the quality of the video is top-notch. The video must be short and entertaining and must captivate the audience, making them want to check out your profile and the rest of your content.
  • Posting consistently is key to being noticed by the algorithm. The algorithm likes active content creators, it won’t recommend an account that posts sporadically or is completely dead. Even if you are unable to post videos every day, share something on your stories regularly to be in the mind of your audience and appear active for your new users. 
  • Posting at the right time is just as important as posting at all. A simple online search will give you the data you need on this topic. Instagram sees a flow of activity at certain timings, so it is best to post during that time itself. This will ensure that your content is on top of the feed during those times making it more likely for viewers to discover your profile.
  • When your followers realize that their comments and feedback are being valued, they are more likely to share your content and you gain more views for your videos. Apart from that, you also get to pitch your products and services to them confidently, as you know exactly what their needs are and have bonded strongly enough to showcase your services.
  • Share the videos you post on your feed as well as your Instagram stories. Stories are viewed by many people regularly, so even if they miss your video in their feed, your story can give them notice about your video. 
  • Don’t just promote your content on Instagram, there are many other social media platforms that you can look into and utilize for your benefit. Cross-promotion can work wonders for your profile, you can gain more views and exposure to your content that can make the algorithm recognize and recommend you on the explore page.
  • You can track your success on Instagram analytics itself, you need no other tool to get you through the platform. You will be able to see what content clicks or doesn’t click with your audience on Instagram Insights. 
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