15 Most Powerful Digital Marketing Trends Of 2021 That You Shouldn’t Ignore


Marketing trends are something you should lay your eye on to make your company stay afloat and develop. In this article, we’re looking at 15 trends of the leaving year 2021 and those, which will transfer into 2022 as standard practices

Digital marketing trends and practices change yearly and monthly. It sounds like a crucial deal for companies to lay their eye on the trends in order to stay afloat and beat the competitors. That is especially so if you’re an online and/or media company, which is completely dependent on following the best digital trends to work and develop. Below, we are looking at what has been trendy in the year that leaves, 2021, and predictable practices for 2022.

1. Digital trend of transformation continues

Lockdowns throughout the world have changed many businesses forever. If we throw aside all the arguments about the COVID and vaccines’ nature, we’re pretty sure that the pandemic of Spanish Flu a.k.a. The Great Influenza, which killed around 50 million people between 1918 and 1920, also largely affected the business transformation of those days. If the Internet was invented already, many businesses operating online would have been pretty much the same impacted by the consequences of the introduced lockdown and changes in added-value chains. Although, their connections were not as strong as they are in the modern world.

Today, as a new focus, companies shift to new technologies, other approaches to supply chains, and the principles of operation. So, the ability of businesses to be agile enough in their transformation and modifications to better suit modern demands was a key in 2021 and will be so in 2022.

2. Numbness of consumers to digital media marketing

With increasingly more people locked at homes looking at their devices’ screens, the numbness to on-screen ads appeared. More people resort to various adblockers like AdBlock to see less. So, businesses have to become more creative to attract users’ attention, including taking more ads offline, as people are more longing to outdoors than indoors today.

3. Bigger automation as a trending market

Increasing efficiency of businesses is happening faster because of adopted automation of work processes. We can’t say for sure if some jobs occupied by people have already been totally given to machines, as various analysts of the past predicted and feared. But it is completely clear that more people are released from companies globally, as those increase their levels of technology. Being non-technological becomes truly odd since 2021 and on.

4. Digital marketing strategy focuses on clearer “why”

Business owners have had plenty of time in 2020 and 2021 to think about why they are doing what they are doing, and where they are going. Better understanding their goals helps them differentiate from their competitors and find their unique face (or to make it more distinct).

Ultimately, this affects the values of companies, their processes, and striving to cut the unnecessary. Clearing the wheat from the chaff is the result of better understanding the purpose (“why”), which defines the methods (“how”).

5. Programmatic advertising is amongst the rising online marketing strategies

As part of increasing the efficacy of business in general, programmatic advertising becomes one of the drivers of many businesses. At all times, it allowed reducing the cost of every ad show and target ads to more suitable audiences. Today, optimization of advertising strategies within the limits of tightened ad budgets becomes crucial. Along with that, algorithms of programmatic advertising keep developing, so you get a clearer, better, faster, and more engaged audience to your websites and social media pages for lower cost, as the competition amongst programmatic advertising platforms also increases, pushing the prices down.

6. More of AI in the modern digital marketing trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more and more, well, intelligent, day by day. There appear and improve so many great AI technologies, which are responsible for an increasingly bigger range of business tasks: chatbots, processes of pushing to purchase decisions of website visitors, more aligned offers of next purchases, embracing more client needs thanks to more complex machine learning processes, predicting their behavior and purchases, image recognition, helping to choose the right influencer for influencer marketing, and many more.

The best solutions might potentially already cover the entire business cycle, where human out-of-the-box creativity isn’t demanded. There are hundreds of really good AI companies and they deliver thousands of products. The list of the best of them includes Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine, Azure Machine Learning Studio, TensorFlow, H2O.A, Cortana, IBM Watson, and Salesforce Einstein.

To say the least, modern chatbots have already become indistinguishable from people on main support lines, which save a lot of money and manage tasks for companies, making them client-facing 24/7/366.

7. Conversational marketing as the latest digital marketing news

According to one of the latest customer surveys, 82% of all clients want an immediate response to their request or problem and want it to suit their needs the best. While chatbots generally cover over 90% of all tasks of clients, prospects, and leads, a high degree of human interaction is still required on more complex questions.

Here is where 24/7 support via multiple channels comes in handy. Companies that are able to offer such immediate solutions will be increasingly more outrunning their competitors.

8. Personalization as one of the important social media trends 2021

Clients, prospects, and leads want to receive more personalization from your company in everything:

  • ads
  • products
  • discounts
  • seasonal and future offers
  • reward systems
  • processes of interaction.

This is possible via the usage of big data analysis and cleverer AIs. But other IT tools also apply (like 360-degree CRM, back-office system, AI helpers in business processes’ coverage, etc.), making your client approach more thorough and seamless.

9. Video marketing as one of the digital marketing strategies

Video has always been a powerful sales tool. In 2021-2022, it will become increasingly possible to make personal advertising videos for each client segment (and even down to every individual customer) using modern IT tools and big data analysis.

Over 70% of clients tell that they have made a purchase because of a good ad video and shared this video with their friends. Product videos make over 50% of customers more confident about a purchase of a product they aren’t acquainted with yet. And around 40% of people who watched a video call a vendor to find out the details. YouTube is not the single solution: think of other social media, your public pages, and the website.

10. Influencer marketing

The micro- & macro-influencers are increasingly used to create an image of a brand and promote its products. Not only is this becoming extremely profitable for influencers with large audiences but also amazingly fruitful for brands, which resort to their services.

Around 60% of people have bought at least 1 product in the past 6 months, which was advertised by an influencer. And over 60% trust their opinion more than they trust the words of a company about itself. Videos that are made by influencers are trusted more than regular ads by 35% of mothers. Influencer marketing is estimated at around $10 billion in 2021.

11. Social messaging and apps

Message apps are becoming more diverse. They also keep taking a bigger share in our lives since the start of 2020 – not only those, which belong to social media but also independent ones, like Telegram. The importance of having independent messengers was vividly demonstrated to the entire world with the global fall of social media-owned ones in the period between the 4th and 6th of October 2021. Thus, today’s reality is having more than 1 critical channel of communication with your audience. This trend will strongly walk into 2022 as well.

12. Visual search

People want to find products and information from the pictures they download or find online. It is critically important to allow them to make a search based on images, gifs, and, increasingly, videos, so they can find your offer online. Although textual search remains crucially relevant, it has lost its share in total search in several latest years.

13. Sell more on your social page

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram… – there and tens of others sharply became more important in sales during the lockdowns, when people started spending significantly more time on their social profiles and feeds.

Facebook had $31.43 billion in revenue for ads demonstration in 2020, increasing this number by around 5% compared to 2019. The cost of CPA in Facebook is the biggest of all time in 2021 – $18.68. Over 26% of people seeing Facebook ads click on them. So, selling there becomes more relevant (yet the costliest) than ever before.

14. Cookies are increasingly being replaced

2020-2021 and, surely, a few years after, will see as cookies are naturally + artificially dying. More websites and Facebook start to increasingly rely on Single Sign-On (SSO) mechanisms of user authentication and identification. Marketers should search for other methods as well.

Google announced that it would be phasing out the support for 3rd-party cookies in Chrome by 2022, which means that other web browsers will follow.

15. Direct mail gains importance again

Direct mailing is being perturbing year after year. Depending on the year, marketing gurus either bury direct mailing or resuscitate it. Through the past decades, we have seen this curve of popularity up and down so many times! In 2021-2022, the curve is on the shiny peak again, as marketers scream about the critical importance of direct messaging to your customers. This time, the reason is that more people are at home and so they tend to read their incoming mail more frequently and with bigger engagement.


Keeping up with marketing trends and monitoring them as frequently as possible, your company can utilize the existing (even the shrunken) marketing budget with better efficacy. You definitely should focus this year and several upcoming ones on the implementation of AI in your company’s processes in order not to lose your market position.

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