5 Video making tips for beginners

Thanks to the upgrades in technology, amateurs can now become pros at videography without buying any expensive equipment necessary. Nowadays, the latest smartphones can capture videos with clarity and offer innumerable editing options to users. Also, there is plenty of editing software available. Therefore, nowadays, people can film a short film with a smartphone only and edit to their heart’s content without needing expensive equipment. There are a few tips that beginners must keep in mind if they are looking forward to capturing and editing videos. Below are some of them.

  1. Plan before shooting

Needless to say, creating a video isn’t simply about pressing the record button. There are a lot of factors that affect your video. Also, it would be best if you kept essential things in mind to get to the perfect video you want. To make a video stand out, you must plan before capturing it. This tip can be divided into two important parts. Let’s go through them one by one.

  • Set a goal.

You should have a purpose in mind that explains why you want to shoot this video. The goal behind shooting the video would help you shoot in the proper manner. Also, while editing and promoting, keep the video’s purpose in mind and save it multiple times.

  • Choose the right video type.

Now that you know the goal behind shooting your video, you must finalize the type of video you wish to create. Depending on the type of video, the video’s style and tone would be determined. Also, the video type would undoubtedly affect the procedure for shooting and editing it. There are multiple videos to choose from like live-action, animation, whiteboard, screen recording, motion graphics, typography, and combination. To learn about the various types of videos, visit wave.video.

  1. Film Horizontal

Experts advise shooters to film horizontally always. This might seem simple to follow, but beginners find it difficult to hold their phones like they should while shooting videos and switch from horizontal to vertical whatever is needed. It’s a matter of practice, which you would master with time.

  1. Use A Tripod

If you want a stable shot, you must use a tripod. However, if you wish to a moving shot and keep the shakiness minimal, you must craft yourself a dolly. A dolly is a small-sized wheeled platform designed to hold cameras while shooting movement. Professional photographers and videographers own expensive dollys, but beginners can craft dollys for their use.

Also, keep in mind that it’s completely fine to shoot a video from a single angle. You don’t have to zoom in or pan in at every moment.

4 Create a Shot List

Before starting the shoot, make a list of the various shots you want to capture. If you wish to movement in the video, it’s perfectly fine. However, remember that too much movement isn’t what viewers like.

  1. Setting Up Your Shot

If you are shooting with many people, make sure to give them enough headspace, in the little sense of the term. There must be sufficient space between the outline of the frame and your subject’s head. You never know when you might need to zoom in while editing. In that case, if there’s very little headspace, you might end up with people’s foreheads cut off, which nobody wants.

These are some essential tips beginners must keep in mind while shooting a video. As we said, it takes time to master that art.

Once you finish shooting the video, it’s time to edit it. Experts advise people to think about how they want to edit the shot while shooting it. That way, your editing becomes way easier. It will also keep you a few steps ahead in the process. Always keep in mind: Shoot now, edit later.

Also, people are advised to shoot more footage than what they think is necessary. You never know how the editing will turn ot, so it’s important to keep extra footage. While editing, think innovatively. Follow your instincts and experience. Try new shots, angles, and concepts. Be experimentative. Consider this as your realm, where you are free to experiment. That would surely help you in the long run.

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