5 Ways to Get Customer Feedback and How Your Business Can Benefit from It

Understanding how your customers feel about your company is one of the most important steps in being able to improve and take your business to new heights. The main way to get a feel for this is to get their feedback.

In this article, we will discuss 5 different ways to get customer feedback, as well as the ways your business will benefit from that feedback.

  1. Request feedback after different interactions

People generally won’t go out of their way to provide feedback unless they have a truly horrible experience or unless they are prompted. Hopefully no one is going to have a terrible experience with your business. In that case, it is a good idea to request customer feedback. For example, if you have an online shop, you can ask customers to provide feedback on matters such as the ease of navigating the site, how difficult it was to find what they were looking for, etc. after they place their order. If you have a live chat feature, you can ask customers to provide feedback on the chat after they’re finished. One way you can do this is to use an online form builder to make the process of asking for feedback easier.

  1. Share surveys on social media

You’ve likely often come across surveys on social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter, where companies will ask you for your opinions on different services.

This is a great way for customers to respond directly (and, often, anonymously) with their opinions on the company and its services.

  1. Make use of Instagram stories

On Instagram and Facebook stories, you have the option to make a poll, quiz, or let people ask questions. All of these are great ways to receive customer feedback and talk to your customers about how they feel. For example, you can ask customers their overall opinion of the site, where they feel you can improve, and polls with whether they like certain services or not.

  1. Monitor your social media closely

People are quick to voice their opinions on different companies on social media. We have witnessed this in recent times, where people have taken to Twitter to address issues they are having with different companies.

In addition, Facebook allows users to leave reviews of businesses. Monitoring the comments, messages, and reviews are all great ways for you to get a general idea of how your customers feel about the business and where they think you can improve.

  1. Send email surveys

Some people accuse email of being a bit outdated, but the fact of the matter is that email remains a very powerful marketing tool. In fact, many companies will send out emails with surveys for customers to complete. For example, you can send an email to a customer 3 days after they made a purchase to ask them for their feedback on the website, the purchase, etc.

The Benefits

 So why should you be asking for customer feedback? After all, we have all heard the horror stories of those customers who just can’t seem to be satisfied by anything, and even after the most minor inconvenience, they threaten to blast the company all over social media.

Thankfully, the majority of customers are not like that, and it’s important for you to take the opinions of your customers seriously. Here are some of the main benefits that asking for feedback will provide.

  • You’ll know where to improve. No business or website is perfect, but sometimes, it’s difficult for you to determine how to improve on your own. You might need a second pair of eyes to help you see the problem. Someone who is interacting with your website as a customer might have a different perspective on issues that your website has, and they will provide you with suggestions that will make the website better for everyone. In addition, when you receive feedback from many customers, you will be able to see which points came up multiple times. If there are certain complaints that were made multiple times, you know that it something you need to focus on and improve.
  • You’ll know what you’re doing right. Feedback isn’t all negative! Maybe you’re doing a lot of things right with your business, which customers will be happy to let you know about in the survey. Maybe you’ve introduced a new feature and you weren’t sure what the reaction to it would be, but according to surveys that you’ve conducted, you’ve found that many of your customers were pleased with this feature. That way, you will know how to continue with your customers and what they like specifically.
  • You’ll know why customers aren’t interacting. Unfortunately, sometimes customers don’t respond in the way we expect or want. For example, maybe customers aren’t creating accounts or making purchases. Maybe you’ve noticed a decrease in website analytics, or maybe you’ve noticed that one product is way more popular than another. With feedback, you will be able to understand why this is happening, and if possible, what you can do to change the situation.
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