8 Garage Improvements for Form and Function

If you use your garage on a regular basis, you might be interested in upgrading it to improve its functionality – or maybe just make it look prettier. Depending on your goals, even a few of the inexpensive, easy upgrades that follow could totally transform your space.

Outline Your Goals

Before you get started with any upgrades, it’s a good idea to outline your goals. What, exactly, are you trying to do with your garage?

  •         Space. For some people, it’s all about creating more space – or making better use of the space you already have. If your garage is currently so cluttered and occupied that you can barely move around, this may be your top priority. The same is true if you want more room to work on your favorite projects.
  •         Storage. The garage is one of the most common storage areas in a typical home, along with basements and attics. That’s why, for many people, upgrading a garage simply means increasing its total storage capacity.
  •         Comfort. Are you the type of person who spends a lot of time in the garage, working on cars and other projects? If so, you’ll need to invest in your own comfort. Changing the floor or improving the insulation can instantly make this environment more comfortable.
  •         Aesthetics. Of course, for some people, the garage serves as a kind of trophy room – a point of pride within the home. Because of this, it may be worth upgrading your garage to have more subjective, aesthetic value.
  •         Home value. Merely having a garage instantly increases the value of a home. If you make certain upgrades to it, you may be able to increase that value even further. Depending on the project, you might not see a total return on your investment (ROI), but with the functional value you’ll enjoy in the meantime, it could be worth it.

The Best Garage Improvements

These are some of the best ways to upgrade your garage:

  1.       Floor tiles. With the right perforated garage tiles, you can give yourself the perfect working surface for various projects. They provide grip to an otherwise slippery surface, they provide ample drainage, and they can hold up to 10,000 static pounds. You may also want to invest in foam floor tiles for certain areas of your garage; for example, if you’re frequently found standing in front of your workbench, the foam can instantly make you feel more comfortable.
  2.       A better garage door. The garage door is one of the most important parts of the garage, since it’s your barrier to entry. If your current garage door isn’t working properly, if it’s in bad condition, or if there are visual problems with it, you should consider replacing it. It’s one of the more expensive upgrades on this list, but it’s often worth it.
  3.       Insulation. Are you frequently too cold or too hot in your garage? If so, one of the best improvements you can make is adding better insulation. Depending on the structure of your garage, you might need to seal cracks, upgrade the windows, add sealant around the door, or blow insulation into the walls. Once better insulated, your garage will be much more comfortable.
  4.       Shelves and innovative storage. Tall shelves can make it easier to store and organize all the items you want to keep in the garage, freeing up space. You can also buy innovative storage solutions, such as a pulley system to store your bikes closer to the ceiling.
  5.       Better lighting. Good lighting can make it easier to see what you’re working on – and improve your mood in the process. Install better overhead lighting and add peripheral light sources to take your garage to the next level.
  6.       An epoxy floor finish. An epoxy floor finish will serve to protect your floor and make cleanup much easier. Best of all, it doesn’t take much time or money to install it.
  7.       More electrical outlets. Do you frequently use power tools and/or find your cords to be annoyingly short? If so, more electrical outlets could make your life much easier – and they’re not hard to install, even if you have no experience with electrical work.
  8.       An additional living space. If you have a bigger budget and more time on your hands, consider converting your garage to an additional living space – or convert the space above your garage into a living space.

Do you see your garage as a kind of man-cave, where you can work on projects in peace and enjoy the ambience? Or is it just a place for your cars to rest while you’re not driving them? Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you can upgrade your garage in style and reap the benefits for years to come, all without exhausting your budget. 


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