Best Apps for Writers and Journalists

Although it is customary to say that a bad carpenter has the tools to blame, working with texts is not easy, so any ideas that make the writer’s work easier are always welcome. Fortunately, there are many solutions available for this, but they pose a choice problem. To help you navigate, here are some of the best popular writing tools and their benefits for different occasions.

1)   Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the first program many people think of when looking for a “Writers’ App”. This word editor, which is a part of Microsoft Office, is one of the most popular in the world. It has templates, formatting options, and editing tools, so it’s a one-stop solution. Dropbox provides integration with Microsoft apps to enable real-time collaboration in Word and edit existing files in Dropbox, the mobile app, or the web version of Microsoft Office.​​

2)   PDF Combine

Sometimes, chaos on the writer’s desktop appears: dozens and hundreds of thematic PDF files create a mess in the folders, and it is simply impossible to find a necessary file or note among them. The offline PDF combiner helps you keep PDF files in order. It allows combining and merging many files, creating a Table of Content, bookmarks, page numbers, adding a cover page, attaching audio files, etc.

3)   Scrivener

Scrivener is a kind of word-processing software, very handy for working with large documents and designed specifically for this. Authors are encouraged to maintain statistics that help track progress towards their daily word count goals. The app has a vast set of templates, a visual corkboard display option for storyboards, and numerous export options.

4)   Storyist

Storyist is a full-featured word processor for writers and screenwriters. It has a built-in style editor that allows authors to use convenient settings for their artwork and many standard templates for manuscripts and scripts. Flexible structuring tools enable writers to present their stories at a high level, and story note cards can be displayed alongside manuscripts as they are written.

5)   Final Draft

Final Draft is the preferred screenwriting app for filmmakers around the world. More than 100 templates, automatic pagination, and formatting features ensure writers will format their projects like a pro. Final Draft Speech to script uses a macOS voice recorder, and SmartType automatically inserts common and local names into the text, helping writers save time and be more productive.

However, the best writing app is the one currently open on your device. Whether it’s a plain text editor that you use to sketch an idea that is not yet fully formed or a costly program that you rely on to complete your writing, it’s crucial to be able to process your ideas as soon as they come to your mind.

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