Career-Defining Years: Middle School

Have you ever wondered why middle school plays a significant role in a child’s life? Middle school is tough for most kids as it is the time when students experience different social-emotional feelings along with greater academic needs. It is the period when students have many distractions, so they must stay on the right path and learn good habits to succeed.

Middle school is the transitioning year for most children, and schools in Chennai like Babaji Vidhyashram School, take necessary measures to bridge the disconnection in curriculum with various other factors. Any good school needs to address the challenges faced by middle schoolers and help them overcome them with the right support and guidance. Let’s see why the middle school period is crucial.

Middle School Matters. Why?

Middle school is a time when children have to value education the most. It is the turning point in everyone’s life, as they have to focus more on academics to have a bright future. Middle school is the basis for higher studies and therefore is the significant period that drives a person either positively or negatively. Most adults state middle school as their hardest period while reflecting on their past. They also wish to have approached the middle school years differently. Let us learn why! Middle school is the time students:

  • Are not confident about themselves
  • Try to figure out who they are
  • Don’t accept people around them fully

It is a phase when students enter adolescence and experience changes in their bodies and mind. However, this difficult period prevails only briefly, and as they move to high school, students become comfortable with themselves, gradually accepting everything around them.

Middle school is the period when students have to improve their study habits. Only when they study properly can they get into a good career. But this is quite challenging because children gain good grades in their elementary years effortlessly without spending more time studying. As they progress to middle school, the subject becomes harder, and students have to spend more time with effective strategies to learn it.

Understanding the Mindset of Middle Schoolers

Middle School is a period when students develop socially and emotionally. Students find it hard to understand others and to overcome it, they need more positive interactions with adults. Many do not realise where they fit in society, so they get confused. For example, middle school students will not know whether to associate themselves with children or adults at a family party.

Most students feel disconnected from their parents during their time at middle school. They look upon their peers or friends and get easily influenced. Therefore, students need to surround themselves with people who help them become better human beings during this developmental stage.

Ways to Overcome the Influence of Social Media

Social media plays a great role in the lives of middle schoolers as they idolise influencers on Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok. This is the first era of children growing up with these types of influences, and it is imperative that we understand the various types of pressure students feel to live up to a certain standard set forth by social media. Furthermore, the pandemic has created a need to focus more on students’ social-emotional development.

Schools have to take responsibility and create social-emotional learning components for students as they have missed them for the past two years. Therefore, International Village School IB board schools in Chennai allow students to open up and discuss their feelings by organising programs frequently. Surveys state that middle school students respond well to such events in school.

Role of Teachers in Middle School

The role of a teacher is to understand the changes in students during their adolescence and support them through their entire education journey. A teacher must have an in-depth understanding of students’ social-emotional needs and academic requirements. By doing so, teachers help

  • Close learning gaps
  • Increase student achievement
  • Develop higher thinking skills

As students try to find their own identity during middle school, it prepares them for the future. Meetings in a class environment help students learn social-emotional components. They feel safe to voice their concerns and worries during the class meetings and thus equip themselves to face and handle various circumstances in the workplace later in life.

Teachers help students develop critical thinking skills during middle school by offering the following strategies.

  • Encouraging students to generate content
  • Providing qualitative feedback on learning activities
  • Offering challenging and problem-solving tasks
  • Making students reason out
  • Designing curriculum with media and practical applications
  • Promoting self-regulated learning
  • Allowing practice presentation

It is certainly not easy to grow up in this era, but with proper guidance and support, these students can overcome the challenges presented to them and become well-rounded people. Therefore, students should understand that what matters the most is what they do for self-development. Most importantly, teachers should also realise this and help middle school students apply it in their lives.

The Bottom-line

As a middle school student, you should know that your school grades are not the only things that matter. Colleges and universities do not look into middle school progress, but the grades during this period will indicate how well you will perform as you enter high school. The middle school period plays a significant role in developing good habits and values. It is vital to shape your personality, so pay more attention to the various points discussed in the article above. Streamline your activities accordingly and become the best version of yourself!

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