Getting Consistent Wins In Warzone Pacific With These Hacks

Battle royale games are currently the most dominant genre of video games out there. It is currently their turn to sweep all of the gamers after MMO RPGs, MOBAs, and other popular online games. The genre is pretty simple and anyone can get into a game with relative ease. Some of the mechanics are different here and there to add uniqueness to the game. The objective is pretty clear in all of them, beat out other opponents before they beat you.

It was just a matter of time before a big game such as Call of Duty started making a game centered around battle royale. Warzone was a good hit, but they kicked up a notch with the newest Warzone Pacific. The rapid growth of this game is similar to the rapid growth of available cheats and hacks for this game. Even though the game was quite buggy at the release, this did not stop fans from playing the game and getting some wins with these hacks.

First, finding the hacks

In order to start playing with hacks, you need to find a reliable source of hacks and not get scammed. The way real Warzone Hackers do this is by finding a website that offers hacks and has splendid customer service. In order to know that you are not getting scammed is by asking questions and getting the answers. A website that does not have anything to hide from you will offer the best customer service and will reply to any of your questions swiftly.

Reliable hacks also offer you protection from not getting spotted by the game’s anti-cheat mechanisms. Anyone can make a hack, but only a few can offer you real protection against getting banned the minute you start playing. It is also important that the hacks do not look like hacks because players can still figure them out. That is why many modern websites know how to make it look like it was pure skill and hacks so make sure to look for that.

Adjustable UI

It is important that the cheats that you are using have a UI that fits your screen properly. The information that you are getting will be there, but you need to see them properly. That is why it is important that the hacks you are getting have an adjustable UI. That way you can adjust the information you view to your unique needs and liking.

Radar hack

In any type of battle royale game, a radar hack is definitely the most useful one. This hack allows you to see your opponent’s location anywhere on the map. That way, you can devise an ambush tactic on your opponent to get them down by surprise. If you are a more defensive player, you can use this hack to evade any opponent that is coming your way. No one will know that you are using it, so it is up to you to keep it looking like that.

This hack is perfect if you want to see how players usually move around the map. By keeping the track of usual player movement, you can learn how to predict their next moves. Utilizing this hack while you are thinking of advanced strategies is a really good way of practicing. By learning how to counter those movements, you can start observing your moves. By observing your moves while you know what is going on, you can see if there is any weak link in your movement that can be exploited.

Downed players

This hack serves to show you where a player died and what kind of loot they dropped. There are numerous ways you can use this information to your advantage to win the game. You can directly go there before anyone else and take the loot for yourself. If there is another player low on health, you can get them down pretty easily.

The other way of using this information is again, as an ambush tactic. You can go there and wait for other players to come and ambush them. They will think that they are the only ones there and will be focused on thinking if the loot is worth it or not. That is the time for you to strike out of nowhere and get an easy kill. Again, by thinking of where you are going to hide, think about the weak spots of that tactic and the fact that you are not the only one using it. By preparing for these scenarios, your observation skills become much better and sharper.


The game can bug out pretty wild sometimes and your shots can suffer greatly from those bugs. Sometimes it is necessary to have a hack that shows you the hitbox of your opponents. That way, you can always know where to aim and where the shot will do damage. Otherwise, you will be wasting your ammo and that will not even be your fault because the game is bugged.

This will also give you a better view of what hitboxes actually look like, which should always be available. Sometimes, when the game is not bugged, it may look like you can hit someone because it looks intuitive. Then you find to your disappointment that the hitbox is not there and you end up losing the match. With this hack, you will no longer have to worry about such futile problems.

These hacks are guaranteed to help you get some wins and learn more about the game itself. Warzone Pacific looks like it has a promising future, so it is important that you start out early. By playing the game this way early on, you will be able to get a serious upper hand compared to other players.

Sometimes, you do not want to play the game this way and just want to have some fun winning. In those scenarios, it is completely understandable to use these hacks to have some fun. Hacking and telling other people that it is all just pure skill is not recommended, mostly to preserve your image. But by being more open and using it smartly, you can come out of it with great results.

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