IncrediMail Closure: 20 Years of Operation

After twenty years, the IncrediMail mail service stopped its operation in 2020. In a statement posted on his blog, the developer Perion reported that this service is no longer supported.

IncrediMail started twenty years ago as an email service mainly targeting email tweaking. It was one of the first email services to leverage extensive platform customization and integrate gifs and emojis. However, the email is no longer what it was, according to Perion’s farewell statement. Now, social media and instant messaging have taken over much of online communication, and there is no future for the service anymore. From 2020 on, the company will focus on other areas which are more interesting for the current mode of communication.​​

What Does It Mean for the Clients?

IncrediMail users are unable to receive or send mails from March 20, 2020. People no longer have access to their existing emails, as well as to their contact persons and their attachments. Therefore, Perion advises users to transfer their data to another mail server. For example, one can use the Incredimail migration tool and transfer all the personal data to Outlook.

What Does Perion Network Do?

Previously, the company called IncrediMail developed a messaging application that allowed consumers to manage multiple email accounts in one place. In November 2011, the name was changed to Perion Network. Perion Network is an Israeli technology company that provides advertising solutions for brands and publishers. In particular, Perion Network has several important tools:

  • Undertone — it helps brands grab consumer attention with creative ad formats. They are distributed to leading publishers;
  • CodeFuel’s search department enables developers to optimize search traffic;
  • MakeMeReach — this is a social advertising platform that manages marketing campaigns and generates demand across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Besides, before the closure of IncrediMail, the company began to invest in promising startups such as Captain Growth. In 2019, Perion Network announced the purchase of the Ukrainian startup. The total transaction amount is $3.75 million. Captain Growth aims to help develop digital marketing analytics company Undertone. In particular, an artificial intelligence product for marketing analytics will help analyze ads on Facebook and Google AdWords. In addition, it provides the user with recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the campaign, which can be applied automatically, in one click.

IncrediMail Alternatives

Despite many reviews about the unstable work of IncrediMail on Windows, many people still loved this client and have used it for over 20 years. So, for those who requested a backup of all emails, contacts, attachments, and other information, there are many alternative mailing clients to move on to:

  • Mailbird — this is a very convenient, easy-to-use, and customizable email client that will help you organize both personal and work correspondence;
  • Postbox is a newcomer to the Windows email client market but is already being praised for its user-friendly and simple interface;
  • Outlook — this is one of the most reliable and popular mailing clients in 2021.
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