Maruti Suzuki becomes India’s first OEM to launch an online car finance platform

Consumers are increasingly turning to the internet for all of their financial demands, thanks to the fast-paced digitization. Keeping this in mind, Maruti Suzuki, the country’s largest carmaker, just established the first-ever revolutionary online portal called Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance to provide end-to-end real-time car finance for its esteemed users. Take a look for yourself:

This is a highly unique financial online platform that gives a full solution for your entire auto finance needs and requirements. It was introduced for the first time in the country. Maruti aims to provide simpler and digitised financing alternatives to provide maximum convenience and ensure that all your auto finance needs are met from the comfort of your own home. The diagram below depicts the process and benefits of using this online platform:


Once you’ve decided on your favourite Maruti Suzuki NEXA model, you can use this cutting-edge platform to find the best financing choices for you.

After verifying your cell number, you’ll be able to access all of the available pre-approved loan options right away. You can also modify your down payment, EMI, tenure, and interest rate based on your needs, and the platform will present you customised options from several banks.

You can specify your location to check the on-road price of the chosen car and submit a loan application online by attaching your digital papers during the procedure. You are able to

track your loan With only a few clicks, you can check your approval status and get real-time updates!


Maruti Suzuki Finance streamlines the online loan application and permits digital document sharing, followed by final verification and signature of the agreement, once you have made an informed decision about your auto loan based on your budget and preferences.

Maruti strives to provide significant comfort by acting as a mediator between the customer and the banker, and this service is provided in 30 major cities across the country. All you have to do is go to the website.Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance on the NEXA website and get going!


Maruti Suzuki Finance is a simple auto finance platform that provides a seamless interface for finding the best loan programme, completing all finance-related paperwork quickly, and receiving your car loan quickly. The entire process is painless, and each stage is fully transparent to provide complete customer pleasure and convenience.

Consumers don’t want the financing process to be a source of irritation when buying a new car because it can be a difficult purchase. The Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance platform has four simple stages that will take care of all of your needs during the financing time. All you have to do now is:

> Double-check your information

> Choose a Loan Offer

> Files to be uploaded

> Verification is complete!

The company hopes to enhance the process of purchasing a fresh new NEXA automobile with custom tailored bespoke financial solutions for all of its loyal clients through this streamlined and transparent experience. So, no matter where you are in the country, Maruti Suzuki offers a nationwide one-stop shop for all your auto finance needs, which you can access from your mobile device or computer.

NEXA is known for its outstanding customer service, and Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance has taken it a step further by introducing a highly appealing and enjoyable user experience that allows clients to make well-informed decisions in a timely and easy manner.

This is a collaborative effort.

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