New Player Beginner Guide Tips & Tricks for Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a game that tests your survival instincts. We can say the game is exciting. But you need skills and strategies to achieve the experience you want.  We usually recommend starting as Scav before playing as PMC. But if you ignore the things that matter, you will still die in Tarkov. 

So, this article will focus on sharing some tips and tricks to help you master the game. However, you can also get extra help from Battlelog  to simplify the game from the beginning. That way, our tips will be more meaningful and easier to understand. 

If you’re ready to escape from Tarkov like a pro, keep reading. 

Escape from Tarkov Tips and Tricks for Beginners 

  • Start with a partner

From experience, you stand a better chance of escaping if you play as a duo. That way, you can be sure of additional protection. At least, when you’re facing off with enemies, someone else will be watching your back. The best part is that you can even play with your friend. All you need is to select the PMC and the map you want to play. Then choose the same time phase and then add the other. Your partner will boost your morale as a beginner and provide the necessary assistance when things become challenging. 

  • Play the Custom or Interchange maps first

Many professional players recommend these maps for beginners. It’s not like the map is easy, but at least you can learn it faster. Another thing is that you can easily reach the extraction points on these maps. So start from them and improve your skills

But mind you, the Custom map is also dangerous, especially at some locations such as the dorms and the gas station. These spots are the places where experienced players visit for cash. So, if you go there, you’re likely to lose your head. But if you avoid those locations, you can complete quests on the map without dying early in the game. 

  • Make Money for gear 

One of the ways to make money on this game is to sell your loots. The good news is that there are vendors who buy these items from you. But understand how they operate to get the best out of them. For instance, Therapists will buy all your items that are not weapons. So, you can sell dog tags, meds, mechanic items, food, or even water to her and make good money. Skier, on the other, buys helmets, armor, and some gun parts. These two offer reasonable prices for your items more than the others. So, sell to them first before others to get good money for advanced gears. 

  • Start with available guns.

There are many weapons in Escape from Tarkov. At first, you might be confused about what to use or which one to buy from vendors. But not all of the guns are available for beginners at first. So, at the start, we recommend you use the gear available for your Scav and master it. Then, once you discover the weapons that suit you, search for them during raids and add them as a secondary weapon. 

  • Keep a Med Kit Close

As a beginner, one of the things you should own is a medkit. Two of the popular ones include the Survival Kit and the Surgical Kit. These items are important to keep your character healthy and strong. For instance, if your limb dies and you need to fix it, the Survival Kit will heal it up and make it as good as new. The CMS is also good, but it’s not as good as the latter since the limb won’t be at optimal health. So, don’t go into battle without a Survival Kit or the CMS. You don’t want to limp all through to the point of extraction. 

  • Understand the Sounds 

Do you know that sounds in the game can help you or expose you? This is why every beginner must take time to understand how it works. For instance, almost everything from aiming a rifle, walking, or even sprinting makes a sound that can reveal your position. That’s why you must avoid sprinting and stepping on metals. 

Also, make sure you walk slowly, even on grasses, to mask your footsteps and always aim-down-sights to avoid doing it within audio range. All these actions will help you reduce your noise. However, you can use the sounds from enemies to find them. All you need is a gaming headset that will help amplify every little sound they make. 


There are many tips and tricks to Escape from Tarkov. But we have picked the most important of them all to help you out. As a beginner, these tricks will help you to play the game and make it to the extraction point. You won’t have to die in Tarkov if you play duo at first, make money to grab a medkit, and even manage your sounds well.  

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