Reasons Why Reptiles Make Good Pets

Reptiles are excellent pets for many reasons. They don’t need to be walked, and they’re relatively low maintenance. But most importantly, they provide company when you’re home without needing constant care. Whether it’s a snake or a tortoise, reptiles offer the perfect balance of companionship and independence for those with busy lives. This article will explore all the benefits of this type of pet and why so many people keep them as their own.

1 – Companionship without constant care

reptiles can be just as loving and affectionate as dogs, cats, or even other types of pets. they don’t need to be taken out for a walk and can even entertain themselves. but unlike some other pets, reptiles will provide you with hours of company if you like. Many people keep snakes as their pets because they are fairly low maintenance but still provide plenty of love and attention. There are plenty of different types of snake out there for you to choose from. Whether your preference is color, size, or personality, there is something right for you.

2 – Low maintenance

Compared to other pets, reptiles require very little care. Reptiles are comfortable with cold temperatures meaning you don’t have to worry about heating lamps or anything of that sort. Also, many people think they need special lighting for a night or UV light is necessary, this isn’t actually the case. Most reptiles eat bugs and insects so there isn’t the added responsibility of feeding them. You may have to give them a bath or clean their habitat, but this doesn’t take more than a few minutes every week.

3 – Long lifespan

Reptiles live fairly long lives compared to most other types of pets. The average lifespan for a tortoise is 50 years or more, sure this number might seem like a lot, but it’s worth it in the end. A big reason why people decide to get an exotic pet is that they don’t have to worry about saying goodbye too soon. Reptiles are one of the few animals that can easily reach well over 10 years old. The average lifespan for a snake is between 10-20 years, but some are known to live longer.

4 – Affordable

Reptiles can be very affordable pets. There are plenty of options when it comes to starting your new reptile pet. Many people choose turtles or tortoises because they’re not as expensive as other types of exotic pets. Another reason reptiles are cheaper is that you don’t have to get them vaccinated at the vet every year, which can cost hundreds of dollars. Even though there are multiple costs associated with owning a pet, reptiles often end up saving owners thousands in vet bills and emergency visits.

5 – Low maintenance diet

Although many types of lizards and snakes eat bugs such as crickets and worms, there are still many options for the types of bugs you can feed them. Many reptiles such as lizards and turtles will eat vegetables and plants too. There are plenty of lizard owners who buy produce from the store, such as cucumbers, squash, and green beans, and cut it into little pieces to be eaten by their pet. Not only is this a cheaper option than crickets or worms, but also a healthier one.

6 – Varying personalities

Besides being low maintenance, reptiles are known to have very distinctive personalities. Although most will hide or stay away from people when they first meet them, there are some who instantly become friends. Some reptiles such as turtles and tortoises can be very affectionate and love to cuddle. Others, such as iguanas and geckos, can be a bit more temperamental and might try to bite you if they feel threatened. Some reptiles are best kept in a specific area of the house, while others are okay to roam your living room. Most reptiles will only bite if they feel threatened or are afraid, so try to interact with them often.


Reptiles are one of the most popular types of pets because they can vary so much in their personality. One snake might be very mean and another might be sweet, loving, and affectionate. Some lizards are very social while others just want to stay away from humans as much as possible. Reptiles provide company when you’re home without needing constant care, they don’t need walks or food every day as other animal companions do. A big reason why people decide to get an exotic pet is that they don’t have to worry about saying goodbye too soon, reptiles live fairly long lives compared to most other types of pets which means you won’t have to say goodbye anytime soon.

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