The Reasons You Should Choose Auto Transport Carriers over Brokers

If you’re considering car shipping across the country, you might have come across the debate between auto transport carriers and brokers. Which one should you trust your vehicle to, and why? Here is a brief overview of each type of transporter and why carriers are more trustworthy than brokers.

What is an auto transport carrier?

An auto transport carrier is a company that moves cars. Carriers can range from one person to an entire fleet of trucks. Car shipping companies exist to transport vehicles from Point A to Point B, whether across town or the whole country.

With an auto transport carrier, you know you are partnering with the same company throughout the entire process. Instead of switching carriers every time you cross a state or country line, working directly with the carrier will give you a solid line of communication the entire time your car is in transit.

What is an auto transport broker?

An auto transport broker is like a carrier, except they don’t own the trucks that might transport your vehicle. Instead, a broker will sell your business to any trucking company with whom they might have an agreement. The person you meet won’t be the same that transports your car across the country, and they may not even know the driver themselves.

Brokers can be helpful, though. These networking professionals have a lot of connections and can ship your car with any of them. However, brokers can’t guarantee that your vehicle will arrive at its destination faster because of this wealth of connections. Many brokers take a deposit upfront, meaning they receive money even if there are delays in the system.

Once a broker hands your vehicle off to a driver, it is out of their hands. The broker might be able to tell you which carrier has your car, but you’ll have to contact the company for further information in case of delays or unethical practices.

Why are carriers the better choice?

Brokers are middlemen. Auto transport brokers are helpful for businesses or individuals who need extra expertise, but most consumers can choose a carrier for their car on their own. You don’t need to hire someone else to pick who will take your vehicle from one place to another.

While brokers have been rendered largely unnecessary by direct access to carriers, they still try to make themselves viable. Sometimes these efforts are through special deals and price cuts. However, price cuts almost invariably mean that the broker will find the cheapest and least safe carrier to transport your vehicle.

In short, it’s always better to cut out the middleman and go straight to the source. In this case, that means taking your business to the auto transport carrier. When you find a trustworthy and safe carrier, you’ll be able to track your car, know who is driving, and have faith in the people in charge of your possessions.

Driving it home

Both auto transport carriers and brokers do the same thing, but carriers do it better. A broker will find someone to transport your car, but they have a financial incentive to choose a cheap transporter that could be delayed or damage the vehicle. Carriers do the work themselves and have a vested interest in doing it well: they want your business again.

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