What are the most unique social media apps?

Every individual gets bored of the same routine applications that we use now and then. We believe that every reader here must be the one who ultimately switches between Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. Why can’t we make these assumptions, after all these are the top-tier social media apps? That is when we revert to the guides like this when we want to do something out of routine and think that what are the most unique social media apps that we can get into and have some fun?

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Now that we have the key component of social media networking sorted out, let’s find out the most unique social media apps that you just have to give a try, shall we?

  1. Wattpad

The readers’ heaven. Wattpad! It is an online community where the writers and readers come together to publish user-generated stories in all sorts of genres. Be it general fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, the ever-classics, humor, fan fiction, poetry, or teen fiction. You name it, Wattpad has it. What’s more, is that Wattpad Studios scoops out unsigned and talented writers and links them to global multimedia entertainment companies.

  1. QZone

Qzone allows users to write their journals, blogs, watch videos, listen to music, keep diaries, and even share photos. It is a social media website based in China.

  1. Foursquare

Foursquare is another way to connect to new people and communities all around the globe. You can even connect to people in your area. So if you are also a social worm, and like meeting new people Foursquare is the unique app for you.

  1. Ello

Ello is a social media platform made by artists for artists. It is a space where artists from across the globe come together to find creative artists. So if you are a person who truly knows how to appreciate art, then Ello is the one for you.

  1. Keen

Keen looks almost similar to Pinterest. It allows you to curate as well as share your favorite content. You also get to discover new content based on all the previous things that you save. It makes an effort to tailor its user-generated content to your preferences.

  1. Reddit

It might not be as unique and you might have heard about it already, but it is too interesting to not mention it on this list. You can share content on this networking platform. You are most likely to find people of your interest here and can join the communities. You can also post direct links and get votes from the members to determine the popularity of the content or the thread.

  1. We Hear It

We Hear It is a social network for inspiring visuals based on photos. You can find videos, articles, and photos from those people who share similar interests as yours in music, fashion, photographs, fashion, and plenty of other topics.

  1. Tumblr

Tumblr is a social networking and microblogging website. It allows you to add multimedia and several other forms of content to a short-form with it. You can also follow other Tumblr blogs and have the option of making your blog public or private.


The aforementioned are some of the most unique social media apps that you must try out if you wish on doing something out of your same old routine. It might not be too different than what you are doing right now but at least the content and the ideas will be very creative, interesting, and inspiring.

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