What NEO can do and other cryptocurrencies can’t [Future of NEO]

NEO can become the crypto of preference in China and the rest of the world due to China’s government’s prohibitions on cryptocurrency transactions. In contrast to most other cryptocurrencies, NEO’s Onchain platform has always been built with regulators in mind, using a centralized approach.

That might help it prosper even in China, where government leaders are becoming more concerned about the cryptocurrency market. Concerns regarding the financial dangers associated with cryptocurrency predictions have been raised by the authorities. There is also a danger to the country’s environmental aims from its massive cryptocurrency mining activities, depleting its electrical supply.

About NEO

Digital wallets and crypto algorithms may be created on this blockchain-based platform, supporting its own coin. In this regard, it mimics the Ethereum blockchain network established in the United States. To find out the value of Ethereum in USD, click on 0.22 eth to USD.

NEO’s ultimate goal is to construct a decentralized network-based intelligent economy by automating digital investment management via contracts.

Coding Edges of NEO 

 Coding languages are used to create intelligent agreements for both NEO and Ethereum. Ethereum, on the other hand, makes use of a proprietary programming language known as Solidity. Agreements for NEO may be developed in C# or Java and then compiled. 

Intelligent contracts will eventually be able to be written in Python and Go, according to the creators. Using this, NEO users may pay a programmer to work on other initiatives, and he would also be able to create decentralized applications for other initiatives. To create intelligent agreements on Ethereum, a user must employ a freelancer.

NEO Platform’s Digital Equivalency

When it comes to the Smart Economy, NEO theorizes that its system is comprised of the following components: As a result of the NEO blockchain, assets may be digitally digitized without the need for mediators or their associated fees.

Various assets may be recorded, purchased, sold, exchanged, or circulated by users. The NEO platform makes it possible to connect a tangible object to a digital avatar that is both comparable and unique. Asset security is another NEO priority. Those assets that are listed on its network are legally protected and have an online identity.

Enabling verified information about participating parties in a digital setting is made possible by digital identity.

It’s possible to carry out trades and contracts between various parties using a blockchain network without the need for a centralized legal system or other regulatory body. Visibility, transparency, and certainty are all made possible by the network code that underpins the implementation of these contracts.

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What Differentiates NEO from Onchain

Both NEO and Onchain operate as separate concepts with no control over the other. Although NEO and Onchain have their sights set on the B2C (business-to-consumer) market, NEO is more focused on the revenue of B2B (business-to-business). Onchain is financed by Fosun, China’s most significant private business, while a broader public sponsor’s NEO.

The Future of NEO

China’s prohibition on ICOs has worried experts. According to one investor, NEO’s destiny is tied to the adoption of the token by Chinese ICOs. The latest prohibition on NEO and other currencies has been widely seen as a significant setback. NEO, on the other hand, has made it clear that it is willing to work with the Chinese authorities and that its long-term goal is the development of a sophisticated economy.

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