10 Inexpensive Home Upgrades That Will Improve Your Quality of Life

Most homeowners periodically upgrade their homes and purchase new products to improve their overall quality of life. But you should know you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it. 

Oftentimes, for $100 or less, you can dramatically change the way you live your life, increase the efficiency of your home, and improve your comfort at the same time.

So what are the simplest and least expensive home upgrades you can make?

The Best Inexpensive Home Upgrades to Make

These are some of the most straightforward and inexpensive ways you can upgrade your home life:

1.       A quality wet/dry vacuum. First, consider investing in a high-quality wet/dry vacuum like the BISSELL CrossWave. The CrossWave is designed to vacuum and wash floors at the same time, helping you clean the house in record time with better results. Once you start using a wet/dry vacuum with multiple functions in one, you won’t go back to the old way of doing things.

2.       Accent and ambient lighting. Lighting can make a huge difference in how your house feels and what you’re able to do while living there. Better ambient light can illuminate your living room and your bedrooms, while accent lighting can help you highlight your favorite décor and home features. You can get LED strip lighting inexpensively online or splurge a little for some recessed lights in the ceiling. Any upgrades you make here will likely be worth it.

3.       A better showerhead. Most of us shower every day. It’s how we clean ourselves, but it’s also an opportunity to relax. If your showerhead isn’t giving you enough water pressure, or if it doesn’t have any options for you to explore, it may not be a satisfying experience. Fortunately, new showerheads are less than $50 (or a little more if you want a true luxury showerhead). They’re also easy to install or replace.

4.       Vertical storage options. If you always feel like you don’t have enough space, consider investing in more vertical storage options. For example, you can use a hanging shoe organizer on the back of your closet door to keep your shoes out of the way – yet still organized. You can do the same with a towel rack on the back of your bathroom door, or a paper towel holder inside one of your cabinets.

5.       A bidet. If you’ve never used one before, you might scoff at the idea of a bidet, but they come with a variety of benefits. Bidets help you feel cleaner after using the bathroom, they save you money on toilet paper, they’re better for the environment, and they can even help alleviate symptoms associated with certain health conditions.

6.       A smart thermostat. If you don’t yet have a smart thermostat, it’s time to get one. They’re inexpensive, they’re easy to install, and they can completely change how you alter the temperature in your home. With automatic settings, personal alerts, and remote temperature management, you can always stay on top of your home’s internal climate.

7.       A supportive pillow. Do you ever wake up with a stiff neck? Or do you have a hard time falling asleep at night? A bad or worn-down pillow might be to blame. You can find cheap pillows with relative ease, but if you want a better night’s rest, spend a little extra on a truly supportive option.

8.       Draft blockers. If you live in an old house, draft blockers may be your best friends. Use them at the bottom of doors and windows to block cold drafts of air that may otherwise interfere with your comfort and jack up the cost of your energy bills. As an added bonus, quality draft blockers can mute sounds, giving you a quieter environment.

9.       Smart plugs. If you have a smart speaker or a smart home environment, consider purchasing a few smart plugs to have around the house. They’re inexpensive, and once installed, can help you realize voice commands like “make coffee” or “turn on the lamp.”

10.   Indoor plants. Even if you’re not much of a naturalist, the presence of indoor plants can be highly comforting. Scientific evidence suggests plants can make us happier and more productive – so include them in your living space.

Toward a Better Quality of Life

These purchases can all help you improve the quality of your life, but this is also a good opportunity to improve some of your habits as well. Small changes to your daily routine, such as meditating in the morning or taking a break in the afternoon for a quick bit of physical exercise, can have a dramatic impact on your psychological wellbeing. 

Take things one at a time, make small changes, and gradually, your life will improve.

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