The monitoring and care of children’s activity on the Internet is becoming more widespread and parents are more aware of the importance of being aware of what their children see and do online.

As an example, in South Korea, mobile devices, by law, must have a surveillance app installed.

In fact, children under 19 who acquire a smartphone in that country are required to install an app to monitor their activity. Even the newly purchased device that does not have the necessary application may stop working. Among other apps, there is a Government property, called Smart Sherif.

These are some of the most popular parental monitoring apps to monitor the activity of children on your mobile:

1.      Norton Family

Norton Family is  a big name for parental apps. This software keeps you informed about the contents that are downloaded from the Internet, as well as the web pages that are visited. Along with that, the software allows you to block access to certain content and notifies when it is detected that they enter the prohibited sites.

2.     FamilyTime

FamilyTime is probably the best parental monitoring app to supervise and control what your kids do with their mobile on the internet. We speak of a software capable of deciding in what hours the device can be used and to establish limits in the use of games and apps as well as in Internet access, searches and adult content not suitable for children. It also lets you know who our children call at the same time as the sent SMS. Within the security section, FamilyTime App allows geolocating our children on a map. In addition, you will have automatic daily reports with a summary of the activity.

3.     Kaspersky SafeKids

Kaspersky SafeKids has a paid version and free, through which you can block children’s access to applications and content for adults as well as suspicious search results in browsers. You can also set device usage time limits and even access tips from expert psychologists on how to educate your children on digital dangers and other online security threats. The paid version expands, what you can do with the application. Among the extra features that we find when paying for the full version, we highlight the possibility of establishing a secure area and receiving notifications if the children cross it, or controlling the battery level of the devices. It is also possible to monitor the public activity on Facebook of your children and know what contacts they have.

4.     ESET Parental Control

In addition to “capar” access to content, websites and applications, ESET Parental Control also makes it easy to monitor what your children do with the smartphone. This way you can get the list of most visited websites from the device and monitor them instead of blocking them. You can also, of course, limit access to the Internet and applications, but not only manually, since the Web Control mode allows, just by entering the child’s age, automatically block the categories of games, bets for adults and pornography that they can appear on the mobile at the time of browsing online.

5.     Kids Place

With this application you will create a safe zone in the children’s device, showing only the pre-approved applications for its use, thus avoiding that the small ones install applications voluntarily or involuntarily. Kids Place also blocks calls, messages and even any wireless signal.


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