5 Productivity Softwares For Engineers

Productivity software or apps are those that help programmers minimize their task loads and work efficiently.

This kind of software is highly in demand nowadays since it can perform a wide range of tasks like performing complex calculations to making diagrams. The global productivity software management market was around 42.62 billion USD in 2020 and reached 47.33 billion USD in 2021.

The main thing to remember here is to be productive. You can be busy and do huge calculations all day and still not be efficient or productive enough. On the other hand, you might just work for a few hours and accomplish tasks that could take your company or office work to a whole new level.

So why waste time and energy doing complex coding or calculations when you can do the same in a much shorter time? Here is a list of 5 productivity software that can greatly improve your work performance.

  1. Slack

When it comes to team communication, Slack is unbeatable. You can use this software easily while software development. With Slack, you can create chat channels or specific rooms for conducting conversations and meetings.

This helps you to collaborate on team projects and share ideas easily. You may even have a one-on-one conversation on a private chat with a single member. Within groups, you can also create sub-groups.

For example, if you have a specific project topic in mind, that can be the group name and within that group, you can have sub-groups of let’s say, three to four people in each one. One sub-group can deal with ideas and another one can deal with the idea execution.

Rather than dealing with email threads that can be confusing, Slack creates time blocks to let others know when you’ll be available. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

  1. TabNine

Tabnine is an AI-powered software that helps you to complete your coding. It’s been downloaded by over a million users all over the world and is compatible with many coding languages like JavaScript, Python, C++, PHP, and TypeScript among others.

With Tabnine, your coding errors get greatly reduced, which enables you to practice faster and smarter. The best part isn’t even this! The best part is that Tabnine can be plugged into the most popular IDEs like Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime, or Vim.

Since this software is driven by AI, it anticipates your coding needs and completes your coding using its software intelligence.

  1. ClearCalcs

If you wish to streamline your structural designs, ClearCalcs is the best option for you. You get instant results, not to mention the option to design a huge range of calculations. If you require a proper report on the work you’ve done, ClearCalcs gives you that too!

If you’re a civil engineer who is fed up with drawing beams, columns, and pillars all by hand, you don’t need to worry anymore. ClearCalcs will do it all for you. The professional reports generated after your work will impress your clients greatly and show all the calculations you’ve done in a crystal clear way.

  1. Lightrun

No matter how well-developed your project is, bugs will be there somehow. Now the thing you would want to do is trace your steps and try to replicate the bug to figure it out. Trying to reproduce this entire data can be very cumbersome, so this is where Lightrun comes in.

It allows you to add logs and metrics, letting you trace your codes very easily. You can even do this from your IDE or CLI in real-time or on time, based on your demands. So you save a lot of time and effort on monolith services, Kubernetes, or ECS.

  1. Confluence

Want to influence others with your projects or gain some insights from theirs? Confluence is here to help you out. This is an Atlassian software that helps to create a depository of knowledge. You can share documents or progress in your projects with others. Think of it as an advanced version of Wikipedia. You can use in-built templates, manage documents, or even use add-ons.

Over to you…

These five productivity software are very necessary if you wish to create an impressive engineering project using minimum effort or labor. They will greatly reduce your time and give you accurate calculations and results. They can also be downloaded from the internet at pretty low prices, so if you need a savior, choose any of these five websites!

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