6 things you can do today to keep your dog happy and healthy

Having a dog is a great experience. They are wonderful pets and help their owners feel happier. There are certain things you should do to ensure that your furry friend is healthy and happy:

  1. Proper nutrition

Nutrition is as important for dogs as it is for us humans. Feeding your pet the right amount of food at the proper time is essential to their health and growth. If your dog doesn’t get nutritious food, it can develop health and weight problems.

These problems will make it difficult for your pet to do the things it likes and can lead to some chronic illnesses like diabetes.

Helping your dog maintain a healthy weight by giving it proper nutrition will help you maintain its health and expand its lifespan. You should consult a vet and formulate a proper diet plan for your pet. Make sure that you follow this plan.

Also, give your dog plenty of water. You should give them some treats to keep them happy but ensure that they don’t exceed 10% of your pet’s daily calories. Get good-quality dog food online so that your pet has access to the tastiest and most nutritional meals.

  1. Regular Exercise

A staggering 54% of dogs in the USA are obese. Obesity in dogs can trigger a line-up of problems including heart diseases, diabetes, and liver problems. These can reduce their lifespan and make it difficult for them to do the things that they love.

The most common causes of obesity in pets are under-exercising and overfeeding. You need to take proper care and ensure that your dog follows a nutritional diet plan. An exercise schedule is essential for their health.

Moreover, spending time engaged in physical activities also makes dogs very happy. Going for walks, hiking, and playing fetch should be a regular part of your dog’s exercising schedule so that you can keep them fit and keep their weight in check.

  1. Proper Grooming

Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed, brushing their fur a few times every week, and giving them regular baths is important to keep them healthy and happy. Good grooming practices will help your dog look good and make them feel happier.

Moreover, you will be able to prevent any diseases that can be caused by dirty nails or some other hygienic thing. Problems like ticks can also be avoided with regular bathing and brushing.

Also, when you regularly groom your dog, you can take a look at their skin for any lumps or bumps that can be a cause of concern and get them checked immediately.

  1. Mental Development

Exercising your dog’s mind is as important as engaging them in physical exercise. There are plenty of puzzles that you can buy for them to solve throughout the day. It’ll help their mind develop and ensure good mental health.

You can give them a treat every time they get the puzzle right. You should also play games where your pet has to apply its mind to find something that you have hidden. These activities will allow your dog to be happy while making their minds stronger.

  1. Affection

Dogs require a lot of affection from their owners. When dogs don’t receive the kind of attention and love that they require, they tend to feel sad and often show symptoms like eating less. It can also result in some illnesses.

Thus, make sure you show affection to your dog at all chances that you get. Also, spend some time playing with them every day. You should also get them some new toys that they can enjoy playing with.

Giving them proper food and exercise is also a form of affection. Doing these things will ensure that your dog remains happy, which, in turn, will go a long way in maintaining their physical health as well.

  1. Regular checkups

No one will be able to tell you about the health of your dog better than a vet. You should take your pet for routine health checkups to ensure that they are healthy and detect any signs of a developing health issue. There are a number of health screens that can be performed on a dog but you won’t need all of them.

So, talk to your vet about which tests and scans are necessary for your dog and get them done. If unfortunately, your dog is developing a disease, a routine checkup will help you begin the treatment as early as possible.

Practicing these tips will ensure that your dog remains healthy while also having a good time!

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