6 tips to keep your child active

Kids from a very young age need to be indulged in a lot of physical and mental activities. It helps in better development of brain functioning, motor abilities, reactive impulses, focus, and strength.

Since the pandemic has hit the world, kids have become quite lazy. Even parents are feeling burnt out with work due to the new normal and are struggling to keep up with the child’s fitness.

According to a report by the World Health Organisation, more than 25% of boys and 50% of girls under the age of 11 are not doing 1 hour of exercise every day, a standard which should be maintained for good physical strength and healthy weight.

Another report also saw the rise in obesity levels in children from 9% to 11.5% which is a great deal of concern.

We all know that kids are naturally active and agile, the only reason they get lazy is because of early exposure to electronic gadgets and less availability of active games.

So, here are a few tips to help you keep your child active and stay away from digital screens.

  1. Dance lessons

Dance is an amazing way to keep your kids involved in physical activity and also learn a new art form alongside.

Dance helps them to trigger their creative mind, understand coordination control and movement. It also improves focus, concentration, and on-feet thinking. Your kid will also be able to make some new friends. Long story short, it’s a great way to keep them physically active and also super fun.

In my opinion, it’s best to sign up for offline classes as it will keep them motivated and hooked to the sessions.

  1. Go out on parks

What better way to make your child physically active besides taking them out in nature? Get the whole family involved and out in the parks or hills on weekends.

You can walk, run, jog, go cycling, roller skating, trekking or even just play basketball or hide and seek. Kids love being out in the open with their families and if you also participate in the activities, they will look forward to such outings.

Moreover, getting sunlight and fresh air, is extremely good for your child’s development.

  1. Give them puzzles to solve

Mental training should not be ignored when taking into account physical activity. Introduce your kid to the world of puzzles. Get them jigsaw puzzles, word games, sudoku, riddle book, and more. If they get stuck, give them hints and let them find the answer.

Appreciate the efforts and slowly raise the difficulty levels. If you wish, enrol your kid in some language learning course or music lessons. Research has proved them as an effective method to enhance brain functioning in these little young minds.

  1. Buy playhouses

Instead of getting them another doll or robot, get your kid some creative toys, playhouses, or buy a cubby house online. These toys will keep them super-active and ensure some physical activity for your little one.

All you have to do is find a corner and install a playhouse for your children… and don’t interrupt when they are in this space.

  1. Send them camping

Camping allows kids to have fun and let loose in a controlled environment. It also puts them in an environment where they can make new friends, learn new skills, welcome growth, and also make memories. They also learn independence which makes them confident to face many difficult situations in the future and rise above them.

And the best part, they will be completely away from phones or any kind of gadget.

So, look for camping groups near your area, that handle kids well and sign them up for it. Your kid is going to love it for sure.

  1. Exercising every day

Exercising is not a hard way to get started with kids. Talk to them about the benefits of exercising, and then start slowly.

If your child disapproves of exercises, then start with yoga. It is a great way to build flexibility and mental development in your child. Sure, it will take time for them to learn but they will build a productive habit for life.

Over to you…

Regular physical activity isn’t just good for defeating laziness, it is also good for improving mood, reducing stress, strengthening bones and muscles, and building a good immune system. So, make efforts to make your child active, indulge in physical activities and games, and see the improvement for yourself.

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