Eyelash extensions are a super thing to upgrade your look and make your eyes look bright. So, please read our blog to get a detailed guide about eyelash extensions and more.


These are artificial eyelashes made up of fibers that are semi-permanent. These are glued to your natural eyelashes to make them appear lengthy and thick, also to give your eyelashes an inky effect. Eyelash extensions have become quite popular in this generation as it is a proven effective procedure.


If you want a fuller look for your eyelashes, then eyelash extensions could be a great choice. They last for about one and a half months, and they help elevate your eyes which will change your whole look in a good way, though. They are customizable, and the best part is, they look almost real!


First of all, the extension of lashes is cleaned with a makeup remover, such as micellar water or with a special kind of eyelash shampoo. Then, eye pads are kept in between them to separate the lower lashes from the upper lashes. At last, an adhesive agent such as formaldehyde is used on the lash line. Individual fiber extensions are glued on the lash lines using tweezers.


Before getting eyelash extensions, you should keep the following things in mind. Do not wear waterproof mascara a week before your appointment since it becomes very difficult to remove when it dries up. If mistakenly you have applied the mascara, try removing it with micellar water or coconut oil. Avoid wearing eye makeup and then going for the procedure. It is time-consuming and challenging for the technician to remove your makeup and then start the procedure.


Do not let water perceive your eyelash extensions for 24 hours after the procedure; this includes your tears (so do not cry, if your eyelash extension is not up to the mark- you will be ruining it more). Avoid applying eye makeup for 24 hours after the process. Do not swim in chlorinated water; that is in swimming pools! Avoid taking hot water baths, saunas, and steam. Yes, you can apply lukewarm water to your face. Please keep in mind to avoid using any oil-based and cream-based products on your new sets of eyelashes.


Eyelash extensions, when done rightly, look very attractive. They add life to your look by adding a natural filter to your eyes. You can also use false lashes instead of extensions, but they do not last for more than a day. Also, they look fake in front of eyelash extensions. You do not have to put more time into eye makeup since now they look naturally full and nice.


Eyelash extension is a lengthy process, and you have to keep your patience since they glue the lashes on your lash line, one by one. Eyelash extensions are high maintenance, and they need to be replaced once every six weeks. Also, you have to take care of them regularly. Eyelash extensions are expensive to get- they can cost you a fortune since they are a cosmetic procedure. And for that, people become huge premade lash fans that are easy to put on and do not become a lengthy process.


Like any other makeup procedure, this also has several side effects. It starts with irritation and itching, followed by redness. During this time, avoid the urge to use cream-based and oil-based products on the extensions. Sometimes you will feel a burning sensation in the eyes, resulting from the accumulation of dust from the surroundings. In adverse cases, your eyes will swell and disperse pus if, by any chance, it gets affected and results in infection. The bonding agent glued to the extensions is usually formaldehyde, which can cause allergic reactions.


Eyelash extensions fall off naturally after six weeks at most. If you cannot wait for so long and want immediate removal, do not take the risk by removing it yourself. Go to the technician who helped you with this procedure, and they will help you remove it. If your technician is not available, then go to some other technician, but do not pull them out on your own as they will cause severe damage to your natural lashes, maybe your eyes too!


Eyelash extensions are not for everybody. If you can maintain and take care of your extensions every day and have the expenses to get extensions, then it is worth waking up with a flawless set of pretty eyes with long lashes!

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