Babe, as a Classic Animal Rights Movie to Show Students

Unfortunately, animals do not have the same rights as people in today’s realities. And this is not about the obligation to work and pay taxes. It is about the abuse of animals and the cruelty of people towards them. Just imagine, if animals had the same rights as humans, then it would entail holding people responsible for violent acts against animals, as other members of society, both inside and beyond their species. However, we are well aware that this is impossible. The goal here is to provide animals with the same level of existence and fundamental requirements to live in decent conditions.

Many people don’t observe this idea in today’s society, subjecting these creatures to maltreatment, pain, and suffering. One of the most widely practiced abuses of these rights is testing on animals. This topic is widely popular among teenagers, especially students, who care about animals and try to share the importance of attracting attention to this issue. In college, teens write many research papers and essay samples about animals rights to provide their thoughts and show the relevance of this topic. Testing on animals involves performing experiments on these creatures to make medicines, cosmetics, and many other things that people use in everyday life.

Babe, as a perfect movie about animals rights to show students 

Animal testing is a practice that should be banned. With more people joining the anti-food campaign tested on our vertebrae friends, the sooner the world’s giant companies will stop indulging in testing their products via this method. One way to do this is to explain to children at college and university what animal rights are and why animals have the right to a dignified life. The easiest way to achieve this feat is to watch movies, and the film Babe is an excellent pick.

In today’s civilization, many people don’t observe this ideology, subjecting these creatures to maltreatment, pain, and other forms of cruelty. One of the most widely practiced abuses of these rights is testing on animals, as many essay samples about animals would reveal. It involves performing experiments on these creatures in an attempt to control a specific behavior or biological system.

Its Plot

The movie follows the life of Babe, an orphaned piglet, and his struggles to justify his existence in a farmyard. Here, the farmer kills off or sells animals with no real contribution; Ferdinand, a duck performing the duties of a rooster, fears death is a fate that awaits him after the family gets an alarm clock. Babe takes on the role of a sheepdog, herding sheep and gaining favor in the farmer’s eyes.

Things threaten to go off the rails after Hoggett enters him for a herding competition, but the sheep refuse to obey or listen to him. Rex, a dog and Babe’s adopted mother’s mate, who had initially hated him, would help save the day. He’d race to the farm and get the secret password that would aid Babe’s cause and win him first place in the competition.

Takeaways from this Movie

Babe gives us a glimpse into the lives of non-human animals. It portrays their capacity for intellect, socialization, and emotions. After its release, many people, especially youths, took a vegetarian stance as the movie made them reflect on consuming meat and the processes behind manufacturing it. They became more aware of the plights other cohabitants of the earth faced from the human race.

After watching this movie, teachers may ask their students to read essay examples on animal rights or prepare one themselves. They’ll easily learn more about animal rights taking such an assignment, as they get to perform extensive research into the topic, finding elements that pick their interests. It is essential to explain animal rights and instill a love for animals and nature. Multiple resources and essay examples on animal rights are available online that can aid with the task.

How Companies Test on Animals

Despite growing awareness of animal rights issues, the fight for the proper treatment and handling of our vertebrae friends is far from over. There’s still a lot that needs to be done, as many global companies still test their products on these creatures.

The cosmetic industry is a major culprit in this regard, but they aren’t alone in performing Soundcloud tests on animals. Pharmaceutical companies are also into the practice of such testing methods. Industries proceed to test makeup, Soundcloud, pills, fragrances, lotions, chemicals, and more.

In regions such as Europe, there are bans in place that prevent cosmetic testing on animals, with the law also extending to the distribution or sale of products manufactured through such means. Surprisingly, the U.S. is yet to take such a stance. Here are common animal testing methods.

  • Eye Irritancy

Rabbits are often the victims of this act. They have substances introduced to their eyes while in restraints to prevent them from reacting naturally to the pain. Scientists proceed to monitor and record the effects for up to weeks, with results ranging from redness to bleeding and ulcers to blindness.

  • Acute Toxicity

Here, scientists record the effects exposure to chemical substances has on animals’ bodies, with rats and mice being the most common victims. The Lethal Dose 50 method had death to multiple of these captive creatures as its endpoint. Acute toxicity at its best causes irritation, convulsions, pain, seizures, and more.

  • Skin Corrosivity/Irritation and Sensitization

These tests determined the effects a chemical had on the skin. The former was to ascertain how much damage one could sustain, why the latter found possible reactions that could materialize from usage.

  • Dermal Penetration


Only death awaits the rats used in this testing process. It analyses the skin absorption rate for a chemical substance.

Other forms of testing methods include Neurotoxicity, Ecotoxicity, Pyrogenicity, and more.

Why should Animal Testing be Banned?

  • It’s an Unethical Practice

There’s no justification for keeping animals locked up to cause them harm. Corporations have millions of these thinking and feeling creatures kept in isolated cages and in fear of what and when the next torture routine will happen.

  • It’s Unreliable and Wasteful

Sharing similar traits doesn’t translate into reacting the same way to substances. About 95% of drugs that pass through this form of testing fail in humans. So, why try to justify causing a living thing pain on a 5% outcome.

  • Better, Safer, and more Ethical Alternatives are Available

Multiple alternatives to animal testing cosmetic methods are available, which produce reliable results such as human blood, artificial skin, cell lines, and computer models. So, it’s feasible to eliminate the practice of using non-human vertebrates for chemical safety tests. Here are some cosmetic companies that indulge or have some connections to such unethical practices:

  • Avon — Body care, fragrance, makeup, and skincare.
  • Chanel — Body care, fragrance, makeup, and skincare.
  • Johnson & Johnson Body care and skincare.
  • L’Oréal –Body care, fragrance, hair care, hair dye, makeup, and skincare.

Final Thoughts

The animal rights movement advocates are fighting for animal protection from harm and cruelty. And discounting the practice of using them as test subjects for cosmetics is the first step. They shouldn’t have to suffer in an attempt to make us feel more beautiful.

Observing animal rights and banning their use in testing is beneficial to both humans and non-humans. It would ensure the safety of our vertebrae friends while also improving the standards of products in the market. Companies would use cutting-edge technology to determine safety ratings leading to safer goods for consumers. The U.S. government has the power to make this vision a reality by passing the Humane Cosmetics Act (H.R. 4148).

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