Best of Sun Joe: Which Pressure Washer is Right For You?

Choosing a Sun Joe Pressure Washer For Your Cleaning Needs

 For general household cleaning solutions, you can do much worse than buying an electric pressure washer. These powerful machines are intended to be solid, portable, and convenient — just perfect for cleaning that grimy driveway or washing off caked mud stuck in the tire fenders.

Now, as long as we’re talking about pressure washers with electric motors, one company is known to meet all of the customer’s demands for quality, durability, and portability: Sun Joe. I’m not in a position to say it’s the best pressure washer manufacturer out there, but it consistently develops products that outdo its price range.

Most home pressure washers cost around $250, but Sun Joe has products that go well below the $100 threshold. I mean, can you believe that? Of course, it’s not as powerful as the more expensive units, but it’s ample for the lightest cleaning needs around the house.

For me, my personal cleaning necessities are mostly mid-level, so I’m glad I trusted the Cleanup Expert Editors’ choice and checked out the Sun Joe SPX3500 power washer, which we will talk more about later on.

Without much ado, here is a quick rundown of my favorite Sun Joe electric pressure washers:

Best For Car Washing: Sun Joe SPX2598 Max

Make no mistake about it, the Sun Joe SPX2598 pressure washer is as entry-level as it gets. But as I’d like to repeat, if it’s just for cleaning around the house, you don’t need that much extra kick. The SPX2598 Max’s 2000 PSI is sufficient for cleaning wooden furniture, grills, and my personal favorite, cars.

Sun Joe SPX2598 Max Features:

  • It employs TTS or Total Stop System, a technology that prevents accidental operation and prolongs the pump life.
  • The inclusion of a 1-liter foam cannon is perfect for cars. Using a foam cannon to clean cars lubricates your ride so dirt can easily be removed while reducing the risk of scratches.
  • It has three quick-connect nozzles for use on various cleaning projects.

Like every Sun Joe model available on the market, the outstanding thing about the SPX2598 is its price. It’s yours for only $110.50!

Now, what If you need a little more zing than what the SPX2598 Max offers, there is an SPX2598 model that comes with a 14.5 amp motor instead of the 13 amp, while being over $50 pricier. It does not come with the foam cannon, but you may opt to purchase that accessory as an add-on.

Best Bargain: Sun Joe SPX1000

I recommend the Sun Joe SPX1000 if you are a pressure washing newbie. It only has an 11.5 amp motor that can go as much as 1,450 PSI. It lacks the power, but then again, 1,450 PSI is adequate to remove light grime on the patio, porch, siding, or driveway. And I am not lying when I say Sun Joe offers quality products under a hundred bucks. This guy right here costs only $93.58 from its suggested retail price of $99. Overall, the SPX1000 is undoubtedly a great investment!

Sun Joe SPX1000 Best Features:

  • There are no quick-connect tips, but the SPX1000 has a twistable nozzle that serves the same purpose. Depending on who you ask, twist nozzles can be more convenient than connecting different nozzle tips.
  • It weighs only 11.7 pounds, no heavier than a gallon of paint.

The majority of people who used the SPX1000 can attest that it does light cleaning chores without problems. It cleans vinyl sidings in 35 minutes tops, cleans five years’ worth of weathering and algae on wood, and all that stuff. Just don’t expect it to do better when faced with much tougher stains. For that, you need something more powerful.


Value and Power Combined: Sun Joe SPX3500

Of the bunch, the SPX3500 packs the most powerful punch. Powered by a 13-amp brushless induction motor, it produces up to 2,300 PSI of power spraying, which I should say, is more than sufficient to bust the toughest household grime. If you want a relatively light and yet surprisingly robust electric pressure washer, the SPX3500 is the complete package.

Sun Joe SPX3500 Best Features:

  • It runs cooler and quieter than other Sun Joe models.
  • The unit includes five quick-connect nozzles – 0-degree, 15-degree, 40-degree, 60-degree, and a soap nozzle.
  • Its electric induction motor outlasts a universal electric motor in terms of durability.
  • It has a large, 40.6 fluid oz detergent tank.
  • It allows warm water washing at a maximum of 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). Pressure washing with warm water offers many advantages, including accelerating the cleaning process, especially in those difficult cases generated by oil and grease. 

Best Overall: Sun Joe SPX3000

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is ranked the bestselling electric pressure washer in Amazon for a good reason. Let’s start with its features:

  • Armed with a 14.5-amp motor that produces 2,030 PSI of spraying power.
  • It has two detergent tanks, both 0.9 L, that can store different cleaning agents. This design shows efficiency at its finest since it allows you to clean different surfaces simultaneously. It also allows you to pressure wash with a detergent solution first and then wash it with water right after, saving precious time.
  • It is worth only $199 SRP but is now on sale for 50-70 bucks less.
  • Like the SPX3500, it also accommodates warm water of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and has five quick-connect nozzles.
  • It operates reasonably quietly at 81 decibels but still not as quiet as the SPX3500.

Out of all its wonderful characteristics, the particularly helpful one is the dual-tank design. This convenient attribute is not seen on the SPX3500, the SPX1000, or in any other Sun Joe unit in this review. If the SPX3500 has this, it would probably be No. 1 in everybody’s book. But since it’s not, it’s understandable that the nod goes to the SPX3000.

Note: The SPX3001 is a fairly similar model, but it doesn’t have a dual detergent tank. It does have a hose reel, though, so the hose is easier to clean and looks neater than the SPX3000’s setup.

Why Choose Sun Joe

 Sun Joe has been a trusted company for a long time and has expanded from its snow tools to making outdoor appliances like pressure washers. The company intentionally made electric pressure washers to combat gasoline-powered ones and their potential danger to the planet.

As you may have noticed yourself, most of their models are cut under the same cloth in terms of design. The pricier ones come out on top with some really unique features, but the essential characteristics are there. They all come with wheels for portability, 20-foot hose, 35-foot GFCI electrical cord, Total Stop System, reasonably light, and most importantly, comes with a price that wouldn’t break the bank.


The list above covers pretty much everything you’d want out of an electric pressure washer for home use.

The Sun Joe SPX2598 Max does come with a foam cannon, so that makes it a handy tool for car washing and car detailing. The SPX1000 is the cheapest of the bunch, and even though it tops at 1450 PSI, that’s still enough for light cleaning projects. In my opinion, a pressure washer newbie could definitely make use of it.

The two best Sun Joe pressure washers, in my opinion, are the SPX3500 and SPX3000. With its induction motor, the SPX3500 can produce 2300 PSI of spraying power even though it only has a 13-amp motor.

With all that being considered, the SPX3000’s combination of portability, power, value, and convenience is too much to pass up. It has more GPM than the SPX3500 and its dual detergent tank is a total game-changer. Still, whatever you decide on, be assured that you’ll get an inexpensive but high-quality product that you’re going to use for years to come.

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