Best OSRS Bosses for Moneymaking

For the best ways to make money through bosses, these are the monsters you’ll need to fight.

When it comes to making OSRS gold, there are a few ways in which you can do it. If farming Old School RuneScape items and grinding skills isn’t your thing, then OSRS bosses is another way to go. With the purpose that if you would like some bosses that could bring in a profit, then here’s some great choices for you to do battle with.

Dagannoth Kings

For fighting the Dagannoth Kings, you stand to make 3 million OSRS gold per hour. There are a few OSRS bosses that will earn you this amount, though this fight is pretty easy for you to overcome. As the name suggests, you will be fighting kings, against three in particular. These are known as Rex, Supreme and Prime.

If you want to earn more gold, then trying fighting them by yourself. Even battling them solo shouldn’t cause you too much grief. Just make sure your combat skills are up to around 80 and you should be fine.

Abyssal Sire

Taking in on the Abyssal Sire can help you to earn 3 million OSRS GP every hour. You are going to have to increase your stats however if you are going to succeed. Slayer will need to be at level 85, and your overall stats will need to be at 90.

To access this boss, you are going to get yourself on the Abyssal Demons or Abyssal Sire boss task. If you want to make even more gold, then you can do so with some rare items that you’ll find. Just make sure your combat is up to scratch so that you can cope with taking on the boss on an hourly basis.


Cerberus will also offer you the same hourly rate of OSRS gold as the Abyssal Sire. That said, you will also need to have your stats high up again. Survivability is going to be key going forward as well if you’re wish is to defeat this boss hourly. With that being said, get yourself some sturdy armour to get you through. Get yourself on a Cerberus boss task, or the hellhound slayer task if you want to use this boss for OSRS gold.


There are two bosses that crop up when it comes to money makers in OSRS. The first is Zulrah, who breaks the mould of this list by offering more than 3 million OSRS GP per hour. With 4 million gold per hour up for grabs, Zulrah is a boss that is renowned amongst Old School Runescape players. There’s a lot of hourly gold to be made, as well as some neat drops as well.

One of these drops is the Toxic Blowpipe. Along with the Twisted Bow, this blowpipe is considered by many as one of the game’s best ranged weapons. Thus, if we are going to get our hands on this drop, we will need to have started the Regicide quests. Every kill you get it 175,000 OSRS gold, so you aren’t going to need to buy OSRS gold if you repeat this.


And finally, we have the most profitable boss on an hourly basis. Vorkath, who offers roughly 5 million OSRS gold hourly, is available to you after you have finished the Dragon Slayer II quest. When you do manage to kill Vorkath, you will see dragon bones and dragonhides being dropped. This will earn you around 64,000 OSRS GP just from drops. Similarly, you can see why this Old School RuneScape boss is such a popular way of making money. Out of all the bosses in the game, when you consider the amount that can be made from just drops, this is a great boss to pursue. Once you finish the Dragon Slayer II quest, you are going to be free to make the most of a fantastic money maker.

The great thing about Old School RuneScape is that it does offer you a number of ways for you to earn currency in-game. That being said you are going to need to be willing to put a lot of effort in. Getting your combat skills up is key, and the patience to beat these bosses regularly.

There is always the option for you to purchase OSRS gold for sale if you wish, though the game does usually have you covered in terms of ways of making money. Once you’ve done your research and you are well enough equipped to attack the task at hand, then prepare to be rolling in the gold.

What are your thoughts on these profitable OSRS bosses? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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