Best tools to rotate PDF

The PDF versions of documents are now part and parcel of almost every organization. The reason behind this is the perfect user interface and the quality of graphics. The files are easily readable and can also be converted into any other formats instantly. Those who have good experience in handling PDF files must be aware of their rich-featured nature. The question arises, do they have an idea about how to rotate PDF files? Or what is the PDF rotation all about? As a matter of fact, this feature allows you to have complete control of your files, and you can transform the file versions as per your requirements.

Is the rotation feature available for free for the users, or do they have to pay some dollars for such a service? The answer is that there is a huge range of options that offer PDF rotation services for free for users all over the internet. These software make working easy for the users by offering them easy-to-use features. If you plan to rotate PDF online for your organization, you need to get significant knowledge about the platforms that are offering such services for free. The lines below are all about different software applications in this regard. Have a look at them and try to get the maximum benefit out of these.

Bluebeam Vu

Talking about the rotation of PDF files, Bluebeam Vu allows you to do it for free. Apart from the rotation feature, it also offers you a chance to navigate, save, or view your files in HD displays. The good thing is that you can have a look at all the included documents as a single file. This is because the documents get merged with one another, and the user does not have to face the hassle of opening up every file separately. The latest technology introduced in this software allows you to find out about the comments, and that is added for you by someone else so that you can have a clear view and try to correct the potential errors. You can save, delete or fill out the PDF files with ease just with the help of a couple of clicks. The bonus benefit is that it allows the users to search for the related keywords that are used in the original PDF file. The user interface is quite friendly for every user, and there are no apparent ambiguities.


Second on the list is the software named Smallpdf that is known for a quick user interface. It helps you in completing the PDF rotation task a bit earlier than your expectations. You can rotate PDF for free in any direction of your choice. The software is lightweight and is compatible with all device types and window versions. Even a layman would be able to use it with ease after a short training lesson. However, you cannot create a PDF file in this software and will only be able to edit or view it. The services are totally free of cost, and you can control the desired page range for the PDF formats.

If we talk about the most comprehensive tool for all types of work related to a PDF file, the first name that comes to mind is that of It is known for its innovative features that have made the life of the users easy. The services include rotation, viewing, editing, and transforming of the documents as per your requirements. It is one of the very best in business and always comes up with an instant response as soon as a user gets in touch with the website. The user interface is second to none when it comes to convenience and quality. You just need to click the upload button to place the desired file. Now click the rotate button, and the software will rotate PDF file for you. The last option is to view or download the file, and all of these functions are completed in quick successions. Anyone with a little know-how about how things work on the internet platforms will be able to manage the file rotation and editing.

PDFelement Pro

Another useful entry in the list of software service providers that are offering free services for the rotation of a PDF file is known by the name PDFelement Pro. The best thing attached to this particular software is that it allows you to create your own file from scratch, and then, later on, you can apply all the available features to it for free. Comments can be made to highlight any errors, and the files can be shared easily with other office members through a number of platforms. Besides, it also offers you a chance to rotate and edit the image files with ease. The whole rotation and conversion process is quick, and the resultant file shows the best quality graphics. The PDF files can be rotated to an extensive range of angles like 0, 90, 180, and 270. In addition, it is compatible with all the available systems and devices without any lags in the services.

PDF Rotator

PDF Rotator is the software that offers the easiest of methods for the rotation of your PDF files. Once the files are rotated successfully, these can also be saved instantly for later use. It is generally compatible with Windows devices, and the authorities are also planning to make it compatible with other types of systems. It is a lightweight software and does not occupy huge space on your laptop. It allows you to manage the PDF files in bulk. The best thing about this PDF Rotator software is that the full folder of PDF files can be imported for any further action as per the requirements of the user.

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