Car Washing Tips That’ll Let Your Vehicle Look Swanky Always

Cars are an integral part of our lives. Throughout the week, we move around in our car. And on weekends we plan for a long journey or so. Give it a break once in a while.

If you care about your car, it will, in turn, care for you too. To ensure that your car gives optimal performance and a smooth driving experience, spend a little time every week maintaining your car

Check for any damages and replace the faulty parts by shopping for auto parts online. Do oil change; if required. Clean the interiors and make it fresh as new. It is always a pleasure to travel in a clean car.

Washing the car is a simple and easy task, but some tips can help you get a clean and sparkling car after the wash. Have a look. 

The Prerequisites Before Starting Out

Before washing your car, make sure to park it in a shady place. Too much heating of the car while cleaning might lead to water spots being formed due to sudden evaporation of the soap water. Many people believe that they can wash your car with any kind of soap. Usually, people use dishwashing soaps. This is absolutely wrong. 

Hard soaps or detergents will lead to the eventual fading of the car’s body color. There are many delicate parts in your car, and using these will affect it very badly and lower your car performance. Go to your nearby car accessories shop and buy a car wash shampoo. It wouldn’t cost much but will surely keep your car safe.

The Cleaning Part

Clean the body of the car using a big and soft mitt or sponge. Never use a hard cloth as it will lead to scratches on your car body. Also, wash your mitt in a bucket of soap water so that you do not cause the dirt and grime on the cloth to damage your car. 

You can buy a trigger head for your garden hose. You can control the water flow and easily stop it conserving water loss when you leave the water outlet open. With this accessory, you will also be able to get a maximum spray which will help to wash off the dirt. 

Begin with the wheel as it is the dirtiest part of the car exterior. Spray on your garden hose with max speed so that all dirt and particles are flushed away from even in tire markings. After that, clean with a wheel cleaner and use a brush to scrub off all the dirt. Now you will have sparkling clean wheels.

The Correct Cleaning Method

Use only moderate water speed to hose down the car body as excessive speed will damage the car paint. Now, you can use a sponge to clean in straight lines from the inner side to the outward direction. It is not advised to clean in circular motions as this will lead to the dir or the particles sticking to the sponge. With the circular motion, you will cause fine lines on your car body.

After finishing the top portion, move to the car sides and then the hood and the trunk. Clean the bumpers and then spray down into the undercarriage to remove the mud particles here. When you are done with all the washing, you can wipe the car body with a dry soft cloth to remove the water droplets. 

You can wax or polish your car after it is completely dry. 3-4 waxing can be performed each year. Make sure that you clean the car mats and dashboards. Vacuum clean the car upholstery and the whole interior part. Make sure that you use a car interior cleaning solution rather than any soap.

Final Word

Take care of your car just like a newborn baby – with utmost care. We’re sure many important works depend on your vehicle, so make sure you follow the cleaning and car care tips from this article and keep your vehicle in top-notch condition. 

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