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Caravans and motorhomes are becoming more popular as holiday options for Britons. It’s not just for staying in the United Kingdom. The van life is gaining popularity in the United Kingdom.


It now has a living room, a double bed, a small kitchen, and an outdoor solar shower.

It also features a solar panel on the roof to help it be more environmentally friendly.

“We spent a little over £2,100 inside,” Tom remarked.

They used existing door frames for wood to keep costs down.


The bed was created from an old ping pong table and a Freecycle mattress.

The couple spent six months converting the van into a house.

Given that neither of them had any prior construction experience, this was an incredible achievement.

Caitlin “knew nothing about construction” outside “some woodworking, as well as sewing and crafts,” whereas Tom “knew nothing about building” besides “some woodworking, as well as sewing and crafts.”

The van was completed in six months, and the pair left their employment to travel.

Unfortunately, the epidemic struck, and things did not proceed as planned.

They left in January 2020, spent a month in Croatia, and arrived in Greece in March, just as the world began to shut down.

They spent four months in Greece before travelling to Italy and France.

They didn’t have to spend much money when travelling because their van served as a tiny house.

They didn’t stay at any campgrounds and only spent £3,000 over the course of nine months.

The duo has started their own van renovation firm, Contour, with the vehicle now worth £15,000.

They are now “campervan furniture designers and manufacturers.”

They said they enjoyed working on the modification so much that they decided to start a company to help others convert their cars into living vans.

Meanwhile, their own van is exploring Switzerland with one of their buddies.


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