CISA, the premier information security qualification to boost your career! 

More than 75,000 professionals in almost 160 countries have obtained certification of certification information system auditors (CISA) since it was founded in 1978. With increasing job demand for staff who have information security audits, control and security skills, CISA has become a certification program preferred by. individuals and organizations throughout the world.

Enter more CISA certification will increase your credibility and recognition and provide higher income.

The latest research published by Isaaca has found that 1,400 CISAs is now employed in the organization as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO), while more than 7,000 serves as an audit executive head or audit consultant. In addition, 13,000 CISAs is currently being employed in managerial position or consulting in IT operations or compliance. (Source: What is CISA? – ISACA 2010)

The ITG certified information system training course (CISA) is designed to provide a delegation with a comprehensive revision of all major subject domains and important preparation for the CISA exam which is held every year in December and June.

Why choose IT governance to help you get past CISA

We are dedicated to governance, risk consulting and compliance and training services

Our coach is also our consultant and ISACA qualified

We summarize the main content and highlight the relevance with practical examples

We help you prepare inspection with practical questions and suggestions

We believe interactive class training to be the most effective training method

In preparation is an important element to pass CISA Certification examination, we strongly recommend that all delegates buy ISACA exams and learning guides before taking relevant courses. IT governance is an exclusively approved ISACA publication retailer in the UK and all titles available from our ISACA certification bookstore are dedicated.

Certified information system auditor (CISA) is a certification that gives trust in the role of IT auditors. This issued the body is ISACA, which itself is a global famous association. Individuals who succeeded in becoming a CISA certified job to ensure that the company system works the way it is meant by offering management, audit and service level control.

Passing CISA is a strict process consisting of various requirements. Only after you succeed in meeting all these criteria is that you provide CISA certified professionals. Modern IT audits require high skills to understanding risk, vulnerabilities and problems in modern companies so that they can build mechanisms that control or reduce the effects of this problem. CISA certification aims to overcome the skills needed to complete this task.

This certification is primarily intended for IT auditors, but IT consultants, Cybersecurity experts and even conventional IT managers can utilize it with great benefits from passing this certification.

Organizations around the world not only recognize this certification but often make it mandatory or highly recommended requirements when looking for talent in the role of IT audits. If you have this certification, it will greatly benefit you by allowing you to get better visibility among candidates who have submitted the same role.

However, the benefit is that this certification ensures strong acquisition. There is a 50% pass rate for the first certification exam, and the test is only one of the requirements list that must be fulfilled by someone to get and maintain certification validity.

Maintain certification validity

After you pass the exam, you will not only get certification, because you must more comply with other strict requirements. First, you must show compliance with the ISACA professional code of ethics. Second, you must ensure your presence in a sustainable professional education program (CPE), who asks individuals to invest 20 hours every year in this program. Above this, 120 hours during the three-year contact range is also the necessary requirement.

Skills obtained & job prospects

Individual CISA certified is very competent in not only audit the company’s IT infrastructure and implementation control, but they are also very valuable resources for organizations that combine their IT systems with the Top-Line business objectives. This qualified resource develops and implements the outline of the company’s system, thus ensuring that they work optimally.

The prospect of work is open to individuals in various fields after CISA certification. In addition to the audit role, these individuals can also register for work in the domain related to security, control, management and development of IT infrastructure. All of these roles are often in the category of mid-senior levels, allowing individuals to track their career development and ensure that hard work must be paid off.

Benefit salary

CISA certification will not only allow you to get a better prospect of work, they also have a significant positive impact on your salary. The average salary for individuals who fulfills CISA requirements varies in the range of $ 52,429 – $ 122,326 per year, depending on the previous individual experience, their previous job roles and the location where they live.

Of all the role of work that can be obtained by each individual CISA, the role of the Internal Audit Director holds the most profitable income potential, with an average annual salary of around $ 136.082.

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