Eidetic Memory VS Photographic Memory: How To Improve?

Many people today are thinking about what is the difference between Eidetic memory VS Photographic memory? Eidetic memory – the ability of a person to imagine the picture that you just saw in your mind. Some can hold a clear image for 1 second, while others up to 10 seconds. Photographic memory is more complex. Not everyone has such a super ability.

What Is The Fundamental Difference Between Eidetic Memory VS Photographic Memory?

Before starting training, a person must understand the difference between Eidetic memory VS Photographic memory is.

So, Photographic memory is a person’s ability to recall information they had seen several years ago. In this case, the image should pop up in the creation as clearly as possible, as if a photograph. Such phenomenal abilities are rare enough. In particular, such famous thinkers as Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, and Teddy Roosevelt had them. Yet, it is this skill that has allowed them to achieve a lot in their industry.

Everyone has an Eidetic memory. It can be pretty helpful in everyday life, especially when doing routine statistical work, working with texts, or finding the keys or phone before leaving the house.

How To Train Eidetic And Photographic Memory?

You cannot choose between Eidetic memory VS Photographic memory. So, if you have not developed the first at all, you will not master the second. But, gradually, as the ability to reproduce a picture begins to improve over a long time, you will notice that you will be able to represent the information you received some time ago more clearly.

Before starting training, you should immediately take a small test. It’s easy enough to do even at home. Bring an image in front of you (a landscape, cityscapes, a photograph, or even a painting by an artist). Close your eyes and try to keep the picture as straightforward as possible for as long as possible. Try timing. If your indicator is at least 10 seconds, then this already says a lot. Then the next day, despite the picture being larger, try to imagine it again. And then compare what you received with the original. Also, despite the original, you can try to redraw it from your consciousness. The more detailed you do this, the better.

So, among the simple tips for improving eidetic memory:

  • Walk more in beautiful places, and then before going to bed, try to imagine the cityscape with maximum accuracy;
  • Memorize more information, such as phone numbers or poems;
  • Solve puzzles more – it doesn’t matter which ones;
  • Get more positive emotions.

The concept is for the person to improve the general state of their memory. It will also help you master the technique of photographic memory.

Also, many experts suggest revising your diet, including in the diet foods that improve brain function. Among them are:

  • Red fat fish;
  • Nuts;
  • Turmeric;
  • Chocolate

Also, for the development of photographic memory, it is necessary to learn how to process a lot of information and independently decide which should be left and which should be deleted, forgotten forever. The thinkers above were extreme workaholics. There is an opinion that the human brain is like a mechanism: the more it costs without work, the harder it is to start it. It is necessary to avoid such stagnation; you need to train more.

At the same time, if you don’t have a lot of rest, you will quickly begin to notice that you are not coping with the load and will start to forget even basic information, such as your address or phone number.

It is essential to understand that Hyperthymesia develops quite rarely, and often people are born with it. Therefore, learning to memorize more than others will help you do more work, become more self-confident, and gain skills that will help you change your life for the better.


Once you understand the difference between Eidetic memory and Photographic memory, you can easily understand how to develop and learn new additiopns. In addition, the simple exercises you do every day will change the way of memorization.