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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency issued without any central body, It has a transparent distribution plan and distribution, and has been recognized by many people in terms of value storage, This is the first cryptocurrency in human history, Bringing more choices and possibilities to the future encryption world.

In 2018, the concept of DeFi appeared, that is, the concept of distributed finance, The significance of DeFi lies in its ability

to construct financial scenarios through contracts. Through smart contracts, people can complete the process

without the participation of middlemen Financial trading services, stablecoins, token trading, derivatives trading, insurance, forecasting, etc. It presents different financial services characteristics than previously completed. For example, it has an immutable and transparent ledger, non-human-controlled contracts Even the developer of the token, the developer of the protocol, has no control over the operation of the token This is a brand new financial ecosystem with many possibilities.

Based on the accumulated experience in the fields of blockchain, finance, technology investment, etc. space-coin.ca is building a global rocket space ecological chain – a token developed based on the BSC chain,

Its transaction speed and handling fee will bring a qualitative leap, its handling fee is low, the transaction speed is 0.00000000001 seconds The birth of spacecoin comes from the admiration and worship of the entire development team to Musk and Musk’s spacex rocket company All members of the team are committed to driving the application of blockchain technology in the financial field. The total amount of spacecoin issued is 3 trillion. No mining, no electricity consumption, reducing energy consumption Some time ago, the news that China urgently banned the clearing of mining farms and suppressed digital currencies shocked the currency circle The price was once cut, so the digital currency that does not implement mining is truly in line with its characteristics,

The property team consists of professional engineers from the US, Canada, Singapore, UK and Australia And donated some of the tokens to Musk and Musk’s rocket company SpaceX The rest of the tokens will be circulated in the market. The focus of

the preliminary work is on technology development and research on industry technical characteristics. Wait for the preparatory work. At the same time, various media platforms around the world, such as global market operations, were launched to

conduct publicity and search for more related companies. Industry and other partners have settled in to realize scenario applications, and jointly launch homepage main promotions with major platforms,

greatly improving knowledge Famous spacecoin has no capital to enter to achieve a truly decentralized future, in order to realize the docking of application scenarios, Global space companies realize the superposition of digital assets and solve problems related to the use of funds in space. In the future, space travel will be very common. Before 2050, there is a great opportunity to set up tourist facilities on the moon. In addition, our chances of staying in space will also increase, as the current global spread of pneumonia We have to find a living space that is safe and free from viruses “then someday, We must adopt a universal currency system To achieve this vision, spacecoin has made corresponding layouts in the underlying design and top-level applications.

Improve transaction speed through signature algorithm, ledger structure, data manipulation, serialization, consensus mechanism, message The optimization of key links such as diffusion will achieve super-second-level fast transaction verification.

Satisfy the vast majority of blockchain application scenarios At the same time, global cross-border payment has reached the super-second level, Elon Musk and SpaceX will hold 4% of total tokens Spacecoin team will hold 12.67% of total tokens

destroy The reward mechanism is 33.33%, and the market circulation is 50%.

  1. Buying tokens will transfer 5% of the tokens to the community for global promotion and technical support
  2. When the transaction reaches 30 million, 3 million space coins will be automatically destroyed. For each additional 100 million coins held by a single address, the contract address will automatically be transferred to the coin holding address for a reward of 3 million coins.
  3. The maximum supply of contract destruction and rewards is 1 trillion
  4. Every year, the team will reward the top 5 holders of space coins with the largest number of space coins and have a history of more than 1 year in a single address. The number of rewards is 0.25% of the total 5% of the year for a single address.
  5. The space currency nft plan will be launched soon, and 50% of the annual income will be donated to charities The token mechanism is established for stable development in the form of a pyramid The background where spacecoin appears is due to cash with sharp corners, Neither credit or debit cards are suitable for use in space, where the edges of coins are too sharp,

Could harm space tourists, chips and magnetic strips on credit cards are also ineffective in cosmic radiation, Furthermore, space is too far from Earth to use any payment system that must transmit or receive information to and from Earth It is also impractical and spacecoin can solve this series of problems The team also sent Musk T-shirts and coins printed with coins Looking forward to one day he can launch spacecoin into space. Finally, let us work together for the space ecological chain Construction Wish spacecoin can become the next bitcoin!

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