How Can Kids360 Help You Control Your Child’s Time Online?

The Internet has provided people with boundless opportunities. However, daggers are also plenty there. Unfortunately, these are our kids that are the most vulnerable when they are online. More and more parents are wondering how they can protect their children from malicious users and other online threats. And there is a solution.

There are plenty of parental control apps that help track and limit the time kids spend on the Internet. And Kids360 is one of the top picks among them. We are going to dwell on the matters related to the dangers of online activities of kids and tell how this app can help parents have peace of mind.

Online Threats for Kids

Children, due to their naivety, openness, and absence of experience, are not able to recognize the danger. However, their curiosity makes them extremely vulnerable in the Internet space, and parents should pay particular attention to ensuring their safety before allowing them access to the World Wide Web. Specialists define the main dangers:

  • Negative information available to children;
  • Illegal and socially dangerous actions of kids;
  • Purposeful actions of third parties concerning a child.

Aside from the above, it is also worth mentioning that social life and studies are affected if a kid spends too much time on the Internet. And it is when the Kids360 app will come in handy. Here are the main functions.

Daily Limits

It is possible to set the amount of time a kid can spend on the Internet per day. So, your child will learn how to correctly manage one’s time.

Scheduled Access

Make sure that your child will not use an hour of Internet time per day while being at school. During kids’ surfing the web, watching cartoons, or playing games, parents should be in the vicinity.

Apps Control

Being aware of all the apps your kid installs, as well as having the possibility to block unwanted ones, is crucial. This app has such functionality, so parents will know for sure which of the games and apps their kid has on a smartphone.

Protection from Deletion

And of course, there will be no possibility for your little smart kid to delete this controlling app.

Is an App Sufficient?

As you can see, by downloading the Kids360 app, you will be able to set a strict schedule and time your kid may spend online, as well as control the apps that are used. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that children are rebellious by nature and control is not sufficient.

First of all, parents have to remember trust and honesty as the basis of their relationships with children. You can control the smartphone and desktop of your kid but will not be able to ensure that your kid will not use a friend’s smartphone at school.

And finally, remember about yourself! If you teach your kid that spending too much time in front of the screen is harmful, but your own evening is spent together with a smartphone in hand, your words will be hardly effective. So, make use of a convenient and functional app but remember about trust and your example.

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