How modern technology has streamlined pre-employment screening checks in Australia

Modern technology has changed everyone’s life and made our interactions easier. For Australian companies, everyone working on a computer and having access to online services has helped them streamline their operations in every department, starting with Human Resources and down to the way they reach out to their customers.

One of the most important developments is the rise in online police check agencies that make the work of recruiting agents faster and easier. Those are key elements for a company looking to hire the best candidates available in record time without compromising on background checks.

Criminal history checks

Hiring an ex-felon could create many problems for a company. It is estimated that more than 80% of Australian businesses now use background checks from services like ANCC – Australian national character check as part of their standard pre-employment screening. And online agencies deserve the credit for that, as they offer an essential service that used to take a lot of time and involved a lot of red tape.

According to Australian law, an employer needs to ask a job applicant for consent before ordering a background check, but the rest is super easy. All that is necessary is filling in an online form and uploading a photo.

Agencies that are accredited have access to the police databases in all Australian states and territories, which means that if the candidate has committed any sort of offense anywhere in the country, it will come back on their criminal history record. If there’s anything to know, the HR people will learn about it so they can judge if that person is right for their company or not.

Before online agencies came along, people had to go to the police station for their criminal record and they got their police clearance in two weeks or more. That’s quite a lot of time for an HR manager who has a vacancy to fill. Instead, when you use an online character check agency, you get the results back in 2-3 business days, straight to your email. Once you get the OK, you can pick up the phone and tell the candidate you had in mind: “You’re hired!”

Online education verification

The pre-employment screening was also made easier by the wide availability of online school databases which allow an employer to verify if a prospective employee is indeed a graduate of a certain institution. This is very important because it can happen that a person writes in their CV that they went to such-and-such university, forgetting to mention that they never graduated. Checking up on that only takes a few minutes.

Social media checks

Recruiting agents rely heavily on the interview to assess a candidate’s personality. However, modern technology offers HR managers new insights in a candidate’s character. It only takes a few clicks to access someone’s social media accounts and learn about their political views and personal interests. You can also learn a lot about their habits just by looking at what they post, and this can give you valuable clues to help you decide if it’s a person you want to hire.

All these new services seem extraordinary if you look back at how things used to be in HR as recently as 10 years ago, but who knows what new technologies will be available 10 years from now?

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