How To Choose The Right Weapon For Your Next Gel Ball Game

Gel Ball is a new kind of water gun fight that consists in shooting a gel pellet out of different kinds of weapons (guns) towards their opponents, the objective is to hit as many people as possible and make them fall out of a certain area. This article will tell you which weapon to choose for your gel ball game.

The Grenade Rifle

This is a rifle with a tube-like shape that holds 2 or 3 grenades inside. When these grenades are shot, they explode so the gel on them spreads to a greater area and sticks better to clothing. This weapon always has a scope to help you shoot from longer distances and it is so easy to use, just point the red laser at your target and shoot a grenade, this gun can hold up to 15 grenades, but those can be bought separately. The grenade rifle is considered as good as the sniper rifle because of its long range, accuracy, and power. It is mostly used by professional players who know how to do ambush attacks from far away.

The Rocket Launcher

This is the most powerful weapon of them all, it holds up to 3 rockets and its power is so high that a direct hit from one of those will make you die instantly on Gel Ball. Apart from being one of the exclusive gel blasters, this weapon has other cons as well; it requires very good accuracy for hitting people from long distances because there are no scope or iron sights on this weapon. You have to be really precise with your aim when using this gun because if you miss even just a little bit, your opponent can easily move out of the way.

The Sniper Rifle

This is the most powerful weapon available for Gel Ball; it consists of a small gun shaped like a rifle that can hold up to 15 bullets. When you press the trigger, the gel bullet will go straight for your target and it is so easy to use; no need of aiming, just point at your opponent and shoot, every shot counts because every little bit of gel helps. But this weapon has its cons; since it is so powerful everyone uses it, which makes it harder to hit people with this weapon by using ambush attacks or sneak attacks.

The Paintball Rifle

This is a rifle-shaped gun that holds up to 15 paintballs and it shoots them straight at a high speed. The paintball rifle is so easy to use, you just have to point the red laser at your target and press the trigger, but be careful because this weapon does not have a scope like others, which means you can’t shoot from far distances like with other rifles (considering the sniper rifle). So any player close enough to see your screen can easily kill you if they know how to move around well. The paintball rifle may sometimes require more shots than expected before taking down an opponent due to its low accuracy and power.

The Multi-Rifle

It is considered average in strength and accuracy; this weapon has 1 rifle and 2 pistols in a rifle shape. This multi-rifle holds 5 bullets or grenades per gun, which makes 10 shots in total. The guns shoot in a spread formation meaning that they don’t go in a straight line but rather all over the place. It is not recommended to use this weapon against people with sniper rifles because of its insufficient accuracy and power, it can be useful for spraying your opponents from far distances but only if you have very good aim.

The Flamethrower

This is one of the most dangerous weapons on Gel Ball, shooting flames towards someone’s face at close range will probably burn them so they have to stop playing unless their equipment has excellent protection against fire damage. But even though the flamethrower looks very dangerous, it is not a good weapon to use because it requires very close range and its power is too low to really make a difference in the game.

The Shotgun

This gun has a small shape that holds up to 15 gel bullets, they shoot in a spread formation just like the multi-rifle but with shotguns, they are stronger than the multi-rifle. This means that when you point your red laser at an opponent’s head, every shot counts because this gun really hurts when used against you. This weapon can be useful if you know how to move quickly around obstacles while shooting so you don’t get hit by your opponents.

As always choosing the right type of equipment for your Gel Ball game depends on what strategy or technique you want to use. You can choose a sniper rifle and shoot from far distances or run around with paintball rifles and shotguns, the choice is up to you and there’s always room for improvising your strategy in this game: after all Gel Ball has been known since its beginning as a sport of improvisation.

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