How to Convert 4K Videos for Free

4K videos are known to be high-definition videos. But they cannot be used everywhere because of their size, codec, etc. To make the size and the format of the video convenient for other devices and platforms, we need to use a video converter. A 4K video converter can easily make the size smaller, the format compatible to edit, save, and share elsewhere.

Why Convert 4K Videos?

It is important to convert 4K videos into another format or form because of their enormous size and high configuration requirement on devices for playback. 4K resolution is about 4 times larger than 1080p, and almost the same as the file size. A video with one-minute long in 4K 60 fps HEVC takes about 400MB occupation. They can be very difficult to edit because the file is too large. People have a hard time editing it even if they use powerful computers, or it causes the system to crash and is time-consuming.

Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram don’t support uploading 4K videos because of the high resolution. Many 4K videos are converted in HEVC and AV1 format, which are good at compression but are not of good compatibility. These all lead to the need of converting 4K videos.

Top Free 4K Video Converter

Some video converters are expensive but don’t satisfy users on 4K conversion or compression in which the quality of the video is damaged. WinX Video Converter is one of the best free converters for your 4K videos. There are many options that you can go through with your 4K videos.

Convert 4K HEVC/MKV Video to MP4

Formatting a video consists of 3 major parts: the coding of the video then audio; after that comes the format container. Encoding comprises of two parts, i.e., encoding and decoding. Format problems and multiple transmission of sets of data are solved after encoding.

WinX Video Converter helps you convert HEVC, MKV or AV1 coded 4K videos to the most compatible codec and format like H.264 MP4/MOV on Windows or Mac computer. Also, converting to other formats even to MP3 is not a problem at all.

Convert 4K to 2K or 1080p HD

2K is not commonly used on our computers or mobile phones compared to HD. One of the current places where 2K is frequently used can be the Cinemas. HD stands for High-Definition format. It consists of an image or video with a resolution of 720 to 1080. Converting 4K to HD means it’s either 720 or 1080 video resolution after compressed. It is easy to share and post HD videos on any social platform.

The good news is that WinX Video Converter provides both 2K and 720p/1080p HD as the preset profiles. You can either choose to convert 4K videos to 2K or HD based on your needs. Generally, there won’t be a quality loss in visual.

More about This Free 4K Video Converter

Free WinX Video Converter is free for Windows/Mac and 100% safe. You can also use it offline in case that you are afraid of data security. You can deal any 4K videos with it, even if the video is HDR 10-bit footage from a drone or sports highlights captured with a GoPro/DJI/DSLR, YouTube clip, or DVD/Blu-ray ripped.  With this 4K converter, you can also cut, trim, merge, crop video, add subtitles as well as adjust the frame rate, bit rate, audio channel.

How to Free Convert 4K Videos

These are the steps on how to use Free WinX Video Converter to convert your 4K videos in three steps.

 Step 1: Add your video files

After the downloading and installation of WinX Video Converter, open it on your computer, then you will see the “Video” icon on top of the main UI. Click it to add your video file, or you can also simply drag the file you want to the interface.

Step 2: Choose an output format.

Then choose an output format from the window which is popped up after adding the video to the converter. There are 420+ built-in profiles for you, including 2K, MOV, MP4, AVI, MP3, iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox, PS5, etc.

Step 3: Start Conversion

You can click on the browse button to choose the destination of the compressed output video if you need. Then, click on the Run button, and video conversion will be activated.

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