How to Declutter Your Home in A Day

Decluttering your entire home is no fun, is it? Well, you can always do something to make an undesired task more fun. The best way to start is to imagine all your clutter would already be gone. Just close your eyes for a second and try to imagine what your home would look like. It’d look absolutely amazing and that extra weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Yet alone the sense of relief should provide you with enough motivation. If there’s unwanted furniture among your clutter, it’s always best to hire a team for furniture removal. We’ll explain why after you hunkered down our tips.

Start the Decluttering Day With a Coffee

Yep, just start simple, have a good cuppa, and gather your energy. While you’re sitting down with your coffee, you could start to compile a list. Put every area onto your list that is in need of decluttering. As soon as you’ve finished your coffee, take a look around your home. Peek into each room and make sure you haven’t forgotten about a single area you want to declutter. Don’t forget to check items for removal. Since you’re already on it, don’t push areas to the side ‘that can wait. Surely they can, but the sooner you’re done with it altogether, you’re done for good. Take a note of each item you could let go of for disposal. After all, those furniture items you’d like to throw out are most likely not empty. Hence, those are in special need of serious decluttering.

Schedule The Collection

After you’ve determined what needs to go, you should already schedule a collection with a furniture removal service. All the clutter you’re pulling out today you won’t be able to bring to a dumpsite yourself. It doesn’t only require you to have a large enough vehicle. A trip to the dumpsite chews off more of your time. Additionally, they are usually not open to the public around the clock. Decluttering and bringing all the clutter away on the same day sounds fabulous, but seldomly manageable for yourself.

Therefore, ring a furniture removal service directly in the morning before you start. You may not yet know how much exactly they will have to haul out. But you can provide them with a gross guess and tell some details about the removal. You certainly know exactly which shelf and cabinet or chest of drawers has to go. Most furniture removal services are happy to come around on the same day. They don’t only haul away furniture, but also all other sorts of clutter. Schedule the collection for the end of the day. Once that’s set and done, the clock is ticking.

Make a Plan Where To Start

Next, you could try to categorize your decluttering areas. For example, highlight shelves in the office as well as in the living room. Or categorize your clutter in books, kitchenware, miscellaneous, and clothes. Highlight each category with a different color in your notes. Categorizing your clutter provides you with a well-planned structure and ensuing chaos is unlikely to occur. Another approach would be to simply pick a room where you start. You could declutter it clockwise.

As a general rule, it’s always best to start with the smallest room or area. It keeps your motivation going while you get a sense of accomplishment. The quicker you’re done with one furniture item or room, the sooner you want to tackle the next one.

Set Yourself A Timer And Don’t Forget The Tunes

The best way to really do the decluttering effectively is to set yourself a timer. You could set it to fifteen or twenty minutes. Within that time frame, you will have to be done decluttering each furniture piece or area you’re focusing on. This approach aims to keep you from thinking too much about what you’re throwing out and what you’re keeping. Most people just pause and look at certain items as they’re a memory of a special person or another event. An item could appear completely irrelevant, but still, remind you of a particular time in your life. The longer you dwell in memories, the more unlikely your goal to declutter within a day becomes.

To make this task even more exciting, put on some of your favorite feel-good tunes. Make sure there won’t be any melancholic songs on your playlist that could make you pause. Rather choose some upbeat tunes you’d like to dance to or sing along with it. Your playlist will distract your thoughts on top of your set time frame for the designated area. It’ll be a lot easier to let go of any clutter sitting in shelves determined for furniture removal.

Ultimately, take three boxes or bin bags. One is for the stuff to keep, one for donations, one to throw out. See how quickly you’re ready for furniture removal!

Before You Fail, Hire A Team For Help

Depending on how much clutter you’ve got – or how much clutter buries unwanted furniture – you might benefit from hiring a team. A hoarder situation would be hard to tackle on your own within one day. The pros, however, are used to such tasks and will be done at the end of the day.

Some of the furniture you decide to let go of might be too heavy for you to move around. Safety should come first and far too many people end up in the ER every year because of furniture removal efforts. A professional team doesn’t only have the know-how, but also special equipment for safe removal.

Parting Words On Furniture Removal

Decluttering your home within a day is probably the best approach if you’re short on time. But you could still tend to more valuable tasks instead of decluttering. A professional furniture removal team is able to help you also in this case. You’ve got two options to declutter your home within just one day if you choose their help:

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