How to Pick the Right Bednest, Snuggle Nest and Co-Sleeper

It is truly an exciting feeling for parents to shop for items for their babies. This may be a simple task for some, but it needs careful considerations. If you are not equipped with sufficient information about the items that you will buy for your baby, you may do more harm to them!

Baby loungers, snuggle nests, and other cuddly items are options to help you keep your precious baby have that long and sweet nightly sleep. As parents, you should not take lightly the need to give your baby a soothing night’s rest.

You now have an idea of the importance of equipping your baby’s bed well. Careful consideration of what to buy that brings the best value for your money is needed, too.

We’re here to help you in making the best selections possible. If you’re unsure where to begin, here’s some information to help you get started.

Snuggle Nests

Why Do You Need Snuggle Nests?

Snuggle nests and co-sleepers are a great way to share a bed with your infant and sleep together securely. There are many different ones in the market to select from, and it can be challenging to decipher which one to buy for your family.

With a snuggle nest and some baby pillows, they can aid with the transition of a baby from a parent’s bed to a cot. Also, because most feature a hard plastic top covered in fabric, they are a suitable alternative for parents who are concerned about rolling onto their infant when bedsharing. These snuggle nests are also a significant plus factor for parents that love traveling. Snuggle nests are generally less bulky than the typical toddler loungers of beds that you might purchase.

Considerations in Buying A Snuggle Nest

If you have finally decided to get one for your baby, here are some snuggle nest buying tips that are helpful. Even if it is your first time, adhering to these careful considerations will help you land on a good purchase:

  • Consider the bed size. Know how large of a snuggle nest can fit in your baby’s room, along with the size that your budget can accommodate.
  • Along with the size, portability is another contrasting but essential thing to look into. There are available snuggle nests that can be easily folded up when storing or when you need to lay another mat for your baby’s playtime.
  • You can’t side-lie to breastfeed using most models, and you still have to take the baby out of the crib for feeding. However, if you want to be able to touch and be near to your kid, it’s still an excellent option.
  • This is an optional plus factor, but some snuggle nests come with soft music and lights. Just lights, lights and music, or none of these are some of the certain variations you can see in the market. In certain situations, babies might accidentally switch them on and scare themselves.

You can also incorporate an infant lounger and a baby pillow to make a better baby bed setup. You can double your purchase of a baby pillow cover to double as a snuggle nest mattress sheet for added comfort.

Co-Sleeper Cots

Why Do You Need a Co-Sleeper?

Sleep is an important aspect of your baby’s growth and development, as concluded by a study.   Co-sleeping is a warm and intimate sleeping time that you can have with your baby. In particular, co-sleeping is when a kid sleeps in the same room as a parent, whereas bedsharing is when the youngster sleeps in the same bed as the adult. Safe co-sleeping and bedsharing have been demonstrated in studies to regulate a baby’s respiration, heart rate, and temperature. It also facilitates breastfeeding.

The greatest benefit of these co-sleeper cots is their safety. Rather than having a baby with you in your adult beds, the crib will ensure that the baby will not be inadvertently harmed by suddenly falling or hitting rigid bed frames.

If you want your own space, a co-sleeper is a great addition to your baby’s room since this allows you to be close to your kid without having to share a bed. Also, unlike a standard bassinet, you can access the baby without having to get up, which is very useful if you’ve had a c-section and are still recovering from it.

Portability is another concern for some parents. Because it is lightweight and on wheels, it is simple to move away and store safely when needed.

Considerations in Buying a Co-Sleeper Cot

A co-sleeper is a sort of bassinet that can be folded down on one or both sides and safely fits next to your bed. You can choose a lot of co-sleepers in the market. Hence, here are some tips to guide your decision-making:

  • Similar to the snuggle nest, size also matters. But this time, you also need to consider the size of your beds since using a co-sleeper cot is similar to placing two beds in the bedroom. It would be prudent to measure your beds and the room for a better purchase.
  • Each co-sleeping cot has a recommendation. Your lovely child will grow up faster than you think! So, make sure to consider the infant’s weight and age recommended for the cot that you would purchase.

Are These Items Worth It?

The worth of these items is completely up to your judgment as parents! Some believe that co-sleepers and snuggle beds make them feel more at ease since their babies are indeed safer here. It is, however, a piece of equipment that will only be employed for a limited period of time. Once a baby reaches 25 pounds and is mobile, they should not sleep in a bassinet. A co-sleeper crib becomes riskier if your infant can raise and move at all, as they may fall out.

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