How Vanity Phone Numbers Can Help Your Business

A popular financial magazine has said that a vanity phone number is somewhat misleading as it is not about, “self-regard or a lack of interest in others, but a memorable word or pattern of numbers that can be easily recalled by customers.”They cite the classic example of a vanity phone number, 1-800-FLOWERS. This phone number communicates precisely what the business does and what the business is selling.

A vanity phone number is defined as a number which spells out a word that is less than ten letters long somewhere within the number. These numbers can be translated to letters because of their corresponding buttons on typical phones. This is inspired by classic phones with physical buttons, these numbers were pushed repeatedly to change a letter for the purpose of text messaging. While physical keyboards may not have stood the test of time in cell phones vanity business numbers have stood the test of time in marketing.

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Benefits of a Vanity Phone Number

Every business is different but almost any business could benefit from the advantages of a vanity phone number.


A vanity phone number makes marketing easier because a vanity phone number is so much easier to remember than an ordinary phone number which is just a string of random digits. This makes including the phone number much easier as it can seamlessly fit into an advertisement without sounding like a typical phone number.

As was mentioned previously, it is also a great place to sell what a business does and what they are selling. This way a business can market itself based on its phone number alone. Any and all advantages which marketing professionals can get to help a small business stand out from the competition should be taken. There is ever increasing competition in almost every industry and this does not appear likely to slow down soon.

A vanity phone number also suits advertising with an audio component. This way the advertiser can easily convey the business phone number in a manner that listeners will actually remember. They will not have to read a string of random digits, instead they can say 1-800-FLOWERS and have that incorporated into the rest of the advertisement in a more elegant manner.

This is also an opportunity for an entrepreneur to brand their business through their number. The aforementioned example illustrates how much information a business can convey is just a word or two that are under 10 letters. This creates an opportunity for clever marketers to create inspiring vanity phone numbers which both market the company and demonstrate what the company does.

A vanity phone number can also be a string of repeating numbers or a pattern to make it easier to remember. Humans are inclined to remember patterns more easily than randomness and this makes a vanity phone number far easier to remember. Additionally, a vanity phone number can be included in a jingle or some kind of song to help people remember the number along with a tune.

Good impressions are very important in the marketing realm as often customers will have plenty of options for the service they are looking for. A vanity phone number can make a great first impression on a potential customer because they will recognize the number more easily than an ordinary number. Additionally, a vanity phone number provides a business with a greater level of respect from customers.

A vanity phone number can help a business stand out from competitors. Any edge can make the difference between a customer choosing a competition over an individual’s business. A vanity phone number can be the difference between a customer coming to your business instead of your competitor. For more information, consider this vanity phone number generator.

Final Thoughts

A vanity phone number for business has a tremendous host of benefits for a business owner or entrepreneur. These benefits are predominantly in the ease of being able to market a vanity phone number and the ease with which it can be remembered by potential customers. A vanity phone number also creates a certain level of respect for a business among consumers as they appreciate the fact that the number is more accessible.

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