Is Your Home Safe and Clean?

Most homeowners would say that their living space is clean and safe. But both of those terms are relative and have many gradations of meaning. For instance, many elderly people develop mobility difficulties after hip surgery and can no longer navigate staircases. Some houses with long-term moisture buildup suffer from excessive mold infestation, which can be a largely invisible condition. Air is another unseen factor of everyday safety. Do you really know how clean your home’s air is? Even if you have a purifier in place, does it do a sufficient job? Then, there are questions of security, which can include modern alarm, lighting, and barrier systems to prevent break-ins. Here are more details about how to take up the challenge of enhancing the safety and cleanliness factor of your living space.

Install a Lift

Putting in a home lift is one of the most cost beneficial strategies for improving all-level access for elderly and mobility challenged residents. When owners explore the possibilities of making this kind of upgrade, they’re typically surprised to discover that lifts can not only improve floor-to-floor access but also boost the resale value of a property in most cases. There’s also the aesthetic value of an elegant lift that adds a touch of class to any room. The stiltz home lifts cost points are among the most competitive in the industry, which is why more homeowners are choosing to invest in safety and long-term value by installing a personal lift.

Mold Remediation

Mold is an invisible contagion that tends to infect older structures and ones that have problems with unseen moisture accumulation. The list of health conditions caused by mold on surfaces and in the air is a long one, and many adults and children have allergies to the substance. Hiring a mold removal company, typically called a mold remediation firm, is the only way to be sure to remove all the bad stuff from your living quarters going forward.

Use Medical Grade Air Purifiers

The air you breathe might not be as clean as you think. That’s because even HEPA filters don’t reach medical-grade efficiency levels that are offered by cHEPA. In fact, medical air purifiers that contain cHEPA filters work to clean impurities from the atmosphere in a standard home. How does that compare to ordinary HEPA units? It’s not only 10 times as powerful, but people can actually notice the difference with every breath they take.

All-Around Security Systems

For the past two decades, the price of domestic security devices and systems has been declining. Nowadays, owners can add multiple layers of protection for a reasonable expenditure. What are the top selling items? They include all-around surveillance cameras for indoor and outdoor spaces, smart locks on all entries, window locks, motion sensitive lighting for outdoor areas, and more. These kinds of upgrades are especially critical for single people who reside in ground level apartments or in one-story houses. It’s a fact that intruders are frightened away by light and sound, so spotlights and noisy alarms can usually get the job done and make any living area much safer.

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