Marks & Spencer news: M&S shares latest opening times and shopping rules for Christmas


Many Britons have gone shopping for last-minute gifts with only two days until Christmas. Outside stores, including some Marks & Spencer locations, long lineups have formed.

“There are five things we’ve been pushing our customers to do in the final days before Christmas to make shopping faster, easier, and safer,” the business said in a statement.

Marks & Spencer has issued a list of shop safety guidelines for Britons.

Shop alone whenever possible.

Customers are encouraged to shop alone if at all feasible to keep store crowds to a minimum.

“We appreciate that some customers require assistance or that they have children with them, but we strongly advise that customers stay to one adult as much as possible,” the warning stated.


When it’s not as busy as usual, go shopping.

Customers visiting the retailer’s 400 outlets, which are open till midnight, are encouraged to spread out.

“Later in the evening is typically quieter,” the statement stated, “since more shops stay open later.”

Make preparations ahead of time.

Earlier this year, M&S launched ‘Sparks Book & Shop,’ which allows customers to arrange a time slot ahead of time.

While walk-ins are always welcome, making an appointment ahead of time may help you avoid long waits.

“Use ‘Sparks Book & Shop,’ which allows you to book a shopping session,’ if you need to shop at a specified time or avoid a queue,” M&S stated.

“Since it began, about half a million slots have been reserved.”

Without having to make a phone call, you can make a payment.

“Use contact-free payment alternatives like Mobile Pay Go,” the warning continued.

The merchant created Mobile Pay Go as a means to bypass checkout lineups at stores.

Shoppers just scan their food items using the M&S app and pay with their phone after the transaction is complete.

Keep a social chasm open.

“Be nice, give everyone space, and keep your face hidden,” the statement went on to say.

Most shoppers in most parts of the UK are compelled to wear facial coverings.

Signs have been placed in shops urging customers to keep a safe distance.

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