n James Joins Fortnite

Lebron James is joining the Battle Royale as a skin; get a Fortnite Account now.

In a span of four years, Fortnite has probably become the game with one of the most crossovers with various franchises, if not the most. From Marvel to DC to Street Fighter to iconic Hollywood blockbusters, it has a wide variety of guest characters. The game has even gone beyond that, as it’s possible to get skins based on real people on your Fortnite account. The latest of which is NBA superstar Lebron James.

Why Lebron Will Be in Fortnite

Finally, Lebron James, who is one of the most popular and talented athletes of this generation and perhaps even of all time, is finally joining the biggest Battle Royale shooter yet. He hardly needs any introduction, as even those that do not tune in to the NBA regularly, or even at all, know who he is and what he does. Whether he is breaking records or changing teams, the news will let you know.

There is a perfectly good reason why Lebron is finally joining another kind of shooting league: the upcoming Space Jam movie, where he plays as a lead. 90s kids remember the previous movie of the same name, where NBA legend Michael Jordan teams up with iconic Looney Tunes character in a high-stakes intergalactic basketball match with unfairly tall aliens to save the world.

Lebron’s Space Jam also involves a high-stakes game of ball, except it’s not just Toon World at stake, but also his family. A sentient computer program, played by Don Cheadle, kidnapped his son and sent him to Toon World, where he has to whip Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and the rest of the Looney Tunes crew into shape and beat the goon squad. They’re not freakishly huge literal star players, but they’re each based on some mythical monster and therefore have a huge advantage against a few comedy characters. Too bad the King is going to give them a run for their money.

Lebron appearing in Fortnite as a promotion for an upcoming movie turns the Lakers star as a crossover (pun intended) guest for two franchises. It’s a rather impressive feat and a show of how relevant Lebron is not just in sports but also in pop culture.

What is the Icons Series and Who Else Is in it?

King James’ skin will be a part of Fortnite Icons, a series of skins that are based on real people that have become a part of Fortnite history. The series has only been launched last year, but it already has quite the number of skins, which means that Epic Games has already recognized a lot of people that have contributed to the game’s growth and will continue to do so in the future.

If other exclusive skins are limited-edition, then so are Icons skins. Thus, it’s important for players that want them to get them right away, or else they’ll have to resort to buying Fortnite Accounts for sale that have them.

The first of this series is Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, one of the game’s first biggest streamers and have greatly contributed in putting the game into where it is now. After him, many streamers have followed suit. After all, Fortnite’s biggest draw is its huge presence in social media platforms, including streaming sites, so it’s only fair for the likes of Loserfruit and Lachlann, who are both Australian, and TheGrefg from Spain, to join what is the game’s de facto Hall of Fame.

The Icons series has also included a few musical acts, as they’ve taken part in the Fortnite fun as well. There’s Marshmello, an American DJ famous for hits such as Happier, Be Kind, Friends, and Here with Me. He had an in-game concert back in 2019 and have done other collaborations with Fortnite, including a music video using the game’s engine, so it’s only fitting for him to have a skin.

Other musical acts in the Icons series are Travis Scott and Astro Jack, who both took part in the Astronomical performance, another in-game concert. Then there’s also Major Lazer, whose skin is some sort of amalgamation of the things that represent the Jamaican group.

With Lebron’s inclusion, it could mean that the Icons series is no longer just about people that are important to Fortnite Battle Royale, but would now also include people that are simply important. The biggest question is who will follow Lebron’s footsteps. Will it be another athlete? A musical artist? Only time, popular demand, and marketing will tell.

So, are you going to get the Lebron James Icons skin? If you are then you better hurry up; we’ve already told you why. Get the King while you can.

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