Netizen posts photos of trash piles at Pasir Ris Mangrove Forest, forwards receipts so litterbugs can be caught


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Singapore—As they say, this is why we can’t have nice things.

Online commenters have greeted photos of food litter at Pasir Ris Mangrove Forest with dismay after they went viral on social media.

A netizen posted on the Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook page several photos of bags of rubbish containing food litter, but unfortunately, some of the food and packaging had already somehow got scattered, leaving an unsightly mess.

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While the post on that particular page seems to have restricted settings now, the photos have already been shared on the All Singapore Stuff and COMPLAINT SINGAPORE pages. 

A screenshot of the original post was also featured on mustsharenews.  The poster wrote that the garbage was seen around the River Pavilion at Pasir Ris Mangrove Forest on Monday (Feb 22). 

The poster wrote that he was “taken aback n felt very angry!” at the sight of  “a big load of rubbish”.

He listed the trash items as soft drinks, liquor bottles, “leftover muruku n other foodstuff”, McDonald’s wrappers, plastic bags, and cartons.

The concerned citizen took matters a step further by sending copies of the receipts among the trash to the relevant agencies in the hope of tracing the litterbugs.

He added that a woman had helped clean the area, lest the rubbish gets blown into the river.

The poster wrote, “This is what happens when u allowed uncivilised animals who can’t appreciate nature’s beauty… into the Mangrove forest!”

He then asked readers if they can guess who the “animals” are and said he hoped the relevant agencies would do something about it. 

Commenters surmised that wild animals, such as dogs, had been responsible for the rubbish being scattered.

Others believed humans were responsible.

Some netizens emphasised that people should have consideration for cleaners.


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