Planning on visiting Switzerland? Here are five places you should not miss in Switzerland!

Often called the country of romance, Switzerland is the home of the snow capped peaks of the alpine terrain, quaint lakeside hamlets, emerald valleys, and waters that shimmer gold as sun rays fall upon them. Located between the serene valleys and pristine lakes, lie world-class resorts and hotels that offer a plethora of activities for our thrill-seeking visitors. Travellers visit Switzerland to witness its awestruck beauty and scenery but are often left amazed by the many cultural attractions such as the cities of Zurich, Lausanne, and Geneva which offer an abundance of museums, historic buildings, galleries, and music festivals.

Bern, a staggering mediaeval old town, is the capital of Switzerland. With France, Germany, Austria, and Italy as its neighbours, Switzerland is a country with multicultural sophistication. From the serene vistas of the Italian architecture of the Ticino to the vernacular of swiss, german, and Latin-derived Romansch, Switzerland seems like a perfect blend of many countries in one with all the natural beauty that it already possesses. For people who plan on visiting this country of romance and beauty, here is a list of a few activities and places that they should not miss!

The Matterhorn

One of the highest mountains in the Alps, the Matterhorn is located on the border of Italy and rises at a staggering height of 4478 metres. This peak is climbed by thousands of experienced climbers that embark on this dangerous yet thrilling expedition each summer. Zermatt, a beautiful hamlet is located right at the foot of this divine peak that reaches the heavens. You may also encounter a world-class resort, carriage rides drawn by horses, quaint chalets, and many more adventurous experiences awaiting you at the foot of the Matterhorn. With a complete ban on motorised vehicles, the Matterhorn feels like a piece of heaven to breathe upon and deserves to be included in your Switzerland package.


Snuggling between the two pristine lakes, Lake Thun to the west and Lake Brienz to the right, Interlaken is considered to be one of the most adorned resorts for summer holidays. Majestic urban planning with a vast expanse of open space of about 35 acres is located in the centre of the town of Höhematte. The main boulevard, Höheweg, is surrounded by serene vistas of beautiful blooming flowers which you enjoy while sipping hot coffee at the cafes or hotels and resorts nearby. Many activities such as hiking, abseiling, climbing, and kayaking can be performed due to the presence of the majestic mountains that tower above the town.


A car-free, mediaeval old town that is home to historic buildings, plazas that radiate sun rays,  waterfront promenades, covered bridges, and a pristine blue lake that is surrounded by mountains. Lucerne is renowned for its great international music festival that is held annually and lures some of the most renowned soloists, orchestras, and conductors. A suggestion to score some of the majestic views of lucerne, ride the funicular leading you to Dietschiberg, on the north side of Lake Lucerne. Later take the cableway to cruise up to Mt. Pilatus and enjoy some of the awestruck vistas.

Lake geneva

The french-speaking capital of peace, Geneva is located between the majestic snow-capped peaks to the extent where the Rhône splashes into Lake Geneva. The lake is beautifully surrounded by Promenades, parks, and gardens. Shooting water into the air up to a staggering height of 150 metres, Jet d’Eau is a renowned landmark located near the lake. Geneva, an old mediaeval town is also the European seat of the united nation, you can stroll down the town to gaze upon the beautiful cafes, boutiques, and Gothic cathedral.


The capital of Switzerland, Bern is a captivating location, perched on a peninsula of the River Rare. This old mediaeval town has been marked as a world heritage site by UNESCO and has a plethora of tourist attractions that are awaiting you to be discovered. You can gaze upon the serene vistas of the old town centre offered by the rose garden and later can stroll down to visit the impressive art galleries which may also include the world’s largest collection of works by the renowned Zentrum Paul Klee.

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