Pre-Shave Oil – What is it and how to use it?

Cuts and nicks may make your shaving experience horrible, and therefore preventing them is the only way to get a good shave. However, the products that prep the skin and help avoid cuts and uneven shaves are still underrated, and one of those fine products is pre-shave oil.

If you want to know more about this product and also about the best pre-shave oil that you can get your hands on, this article is for you.

What is Pre-shave oil?

As clear from the name, pre-shave oil is the one that is applied on the face before applying any shaving cream, shaving soap, or shaving gel. What needs to be understood is that pre-shave oil is used underneath a shaving gel or cream and not instead of it. The best natural pre-shave oils contain some beneficial ingredients, which are given below:

  • Vitamin A and E
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Argan
  • Avocado
  • Jojoba
  • Sandalwood Oil
  • Marula, etc.

Why do you need pre-shave oil?

If you are still wondering why you need to use a pre-shave oil before shaving, here are the main reasons:

  • Pre-shave oil is well-known for being a fantastic moisturizer and leaving your skin conditioned and moisturized. This is because the essential oils that pre-shave oil contains help hydrate the skin and prepare it for the shaving process.
  • It acts as a lubricant and provides a perfect kind of base for an easy and comfortable shave. This results in a pain-free shave that is free of rashes, razor burns, cuts, dry skin, etc.
  • Pre-shave oil also helps in preventing skin irritation and ingrown hair by creating a smoother shaving environment and prepping the skin for a good shave.
  • This oil also works as high-grade protection for your skin and saves you from the dangers that a razor shave possesses. In simpler words, it works incredibly well for men having ultra-sensitive skin.
  • Pre-shave oil also helps in softening the facial hair that leads to a super comfortable shave.
  • When massaged on the beard bristles, the pre-shave oil creates a sleek and smoother surface resulting in easy gliding of the blade.

Benefits of Pre-shave oil

Here are some of the significant benefits that pre-shave oils have to offer:

  • The plant-based ingredients used in a pre-shave oil work as a natural moisturizer for the skin, and it helps in maintaining moisture of the skin in order to offer a better and smoother shave. When this oil is used before shaving, it helps soften the hair follicles resulting in a smooth and razor-free shave.
  • Pre-shave oil is super beneficial for men and women prone to issues like ingrown hair and razor burns. When used correctly and according to instructions before the shave, it offers an absolute irritation-free shave no matter what kind of razor is used.
  • This oil is used alongside a shaving gel and cream to offer double benefits and make the shaving experience smoother and better. This is because pre-shave oil helps in a smoother razor glide by resting underneath the skin.
  • Because of the natural oils that are present in pre-shave oil, one can use it for multiple purposes like aftershave, beard conditioner, pre-shave, etc.
  • One of the significant and most prominent benefits of pre-shave oil is the fact that it helps in protecting your skin, and there are far fewer chances for cuts and nicks to occur on your skin during shave no matter what kind of razor you use.

How does Pre-shave oil work?

If you want to know how pre-shave oil works after learning about all the benefits it has to offer, we have it covered for you. Here are few steps that you have to follow for a better shave using pre-shave oil:

·       Wash your face

The first and foremost thing to do is to clean your face from any kind of impurities before you apply pre-shave oil to your skin.

·       Take few drops of oil

After cleaning your face, take a few drops of the pre-shave oil on your palms or fingers and rub them gently.

·       Massage the oil

Once you have adequately rubbed the oil into your palms, massage it on your beard and make sure you have it all covered. Add more oil if not covered properly.

·       Apply shaving cream

You can either let the oil sit on your skin or wash it before applying the shaving gel or cream to start your shaving process.

Best Natural Pre-shave Oils

With hundreds of options available in the market, if you find getting your hands on the best natural pre-shave oils, here are some recommendations:

·       Unscented Pre-shave oil – The Henna Guys

If you don’t like products with strong fragrances to use on your skin, this is your go-to option. This pre-shave oil is unscented and provides all the beneficial purposes that you are looking for. It can be used by both men and women and offers multi-purposes like aftershave care, pre-shave care, and beard conditioning.

·       Sandalwood Pre-shave oil

Who doesn’t love sandalwood scent? If you do, this pre-shave oil is for you. This product is manufactured for both men and women and comes with excellent ingredients, including avocado, grapeseed, and marula oil. It also works as a pre-shave or aftershave oil and works best with shaving butter.

·       Lavender and Geranium Pre-shave oil

Mildly scented with lavender and geranium essential oil, this works wonders as pre-wax or shaving oil. This oil helps in providing a non-irritant, smooth, soothing, and bruise free shaving experience. It is excellent for men or women having sensitive skin and is suitable for all types of razors.

·       Lemongrass and eucalyptus pre-shave oil

This naturally made pre-shave oil comes with an excellent fragrance of lemongrass and eucalyptus to make your shaving experience soothing. The texture of this oil is relatively thin to make it suitable to be used as a pre-shave and aftershave oil.

What makes this oil super special is the fact that it is made entirely free of preservatives and is cruelty free. This beard oil is also suitable for promoting hair growth or to fix a patchy beard.

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