Smart Ideas To Help You Organize Your Garage More Efficiently

Garages are often the most cluttered rooms in a household. It can be very hard to find anything and you may get frustrated when looking for something specific. The good news is that there are some great ideas for organizing your garage so you can find what you need without being annoyed!

Rent a garage storage

If you don’t have enough space at home, you can rent a storage unit. There are many facilities that offer storage units at low prices. All you have to do is pick out the items that would fit in there, load them into your car and drive over to the storage facility.

Storage facilities are easy to find and in fact, if you’re living in the Georgia area, you have a ton of options. Numerous Garage Storage in Atlanta are available and you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your needs. Just don’t forget to ask around for people’s experiences with various facilities, so you can be sure to rent from a reliable establishment.

If you’re going to store anything that may draw rodents then it’s important that your storage unit is clean and pest-free. You should check for holes or gaps anywhere in the walls of the storage facility as this could allow rodents to enter. It’s also a good idea to look for storage facilities that are temperature-controlled, as this will deter pests.

Check the prices of other units in the same facility before you commit to renting one. It might pay off if you call around and ask about coupons or discounts. You should also ask about extra charges for moving your stuff back and forth since some storage facilities require you to do so during certain days of the week.

Clear out junk

The number one thing that everyone needs to do before they start organizing their garage is to clear it out. You’ll need to make room for the new, organized space so removing everything that you don’t need anymore is a great place to start.

You should go through every single item in your garage, even if you think you’re throwing away useless junk. After all, just because something is useless to you does not mean that it would be useless to someone else.

Donate items that are still in good condition and that might come in handy for other people. You could donate toys, tools, appliances, and more. It’s a great way to help others while also helping yourself by getting rid of clutter.

Throw away broken or damaged items and get rid of any chemicals, paints, and other flammable objects. This is also a great time to recycle materials like glass and plastic that you can use in your home or yard.

Stackable bins

When organizing your garage, one great idea is to purchase stackable bins for smaller items. This way, if you want to quickly look for something small like nuts and bolts, you don’t need to sift through everything else first. You can buy stackable bins at your local hardware store or online.

They are a great way to stay organized and if you have a tight budget, this might be the most affordable option for you. Keep in mind that some stackable bins are meant for outdoor use while others can be used inside your garage. In any case, buying stackable bins will keep your garage clutter-free and clean.

Make Sure Your Garage Is Organized By Use

A lot of people have their garages organized by storage type, which makes it difficult to locate things quickly. You should organize your garage by use instead, such as tools on one side and bikes on the other side. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for while still keeping everything neatly stored away from dust and dirt. Also, be sure to order things by size so you can grab whatever you need in a hurry. Most handymen do this and it really helps to keep the garage from getting cluttered.

Furthermore, do not simply put things in your garage however you please. Instead, think about how you will use something and place it where it is best stored. For example, if you only need to use a rake once or twice per year, then placing it on the top shelf may be a good idea because you won’t have to take much down to get it.

Group Like Items Together

When you do decide to organize your garage, always group like items together. For example, if you have tools in the middle of the storage area, keep all your screwdrivers together and separate them from wrenches or drills. This helps tremendously because now you can place containers around each grouping of tools like sockets, screwdrivers, wrenches, and drills. They will all be in one place, within easy reach.

You’ll also want to consider how frequently you use certain things in your garage when choosing where they should go. For example, if you never use the lawnmower it may not be worth keeping stored there – plus it may be safer to be kept outside. If you only use the lawnmower once or twice per summer, then it would be best just to leave it outside where you can easily take it out when needed.

Making Sure There Is A System

Make sure you label everything from cabinets and drawers to bins, shelves, and hooks for hanging storage. They are pretty useful when it comes to finding things quickly and the labels really do help you get organized. You can make your labels from laminated paper or thin cardstock for a more permanent solution.

Labels are also helpful when it comes to hanging things on hooks, especially if there is a lot of stuff in a small space. Just hang a few of the most important items on hooks to get started. You can also get creative with the order of the labels if you need to fit more things in a small space.

The Garage Walls Are Not Just For Decoration

Make sure you make use of your garage walls as well. You can hang everything from ladders to garden tools on the walls so they don’t take up space in your garage. If there is some empty wall space, you should think about painting it a bright color such as yellow or green. This will make the entire garage look brighter and more organized and will also help you to find things more easily. You can even paint some of the items with neon colors so they stand out and look like a display at a store.

If you’re struggling to find anything in your cluttered garage, then it might be time for an organizational overhaul. There are lots of easy ways to get organized — just take a look at all the ideas we’ve provided! Whether you want to group like items together or make sure there’s a system in place, these tips will help you stay clutter-free without breaking the bank. Which idea seems most helpful?

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