The Advantages Of 24/7 Customer Service: What Goals You Can Achieve With It

The reputation of the company is one of the most important aspects of its development. The attitude of customers plays an essential role. How 24/7 customer support can influence your clients and why should you use it?

The development of any business greatly depends on its reputation. The attitude of the customers is crucial for becoming successful in a definite niche. One of the most important issues is customer support. Being able to assist your clients at an appropriate time makes them more loyal. Considering this fact, 24/7 customer service is a must for any modern business.

What is 24/7 customer service?

Such a type of assistance means that your subscribers have an opportunity and get help or find an answer to their question as soon as they visit your website. In other words, 24/7 support allows businesses to provide assistance in real-time around the clock.

Real-time is the main component of good customer service. You will immediately notice it because the quality of services influences the attitude of people. Such a component can be realized via live chats and automated support of chatbots. As a result, your clients will:

  • Share a positive experience with other users
  • Be ready to pay more to enjoy a better experience.

Benefits of 24/7 customer service

When you provide 24/7 support, you can achieve the following advantages concerning your clients:

  • Easy access to technical support (for your clients, partners, or other users)
  • Absence of customer loss (people don’t like to wait and want to resolve their problems straight away)
  • The high level of customer satisfaction and responsiveness (good assistance makes customers happy and, as a result, more loyal)
  • Unlimited support (with specialists regularly analyzing the incoming questions, you will be able to help your clients with any problems)
  • Comfortable ways to contact (everyone should have a suitable option to contact the support team – phone, email, live chat, etc.)
  • Flexibility (it’s possible to provide support for clients living in different time zones)
  • Faster returns (you can minimize the time it takes to make a return and, as a result, resell a product much faster).

Reasons for organizing 24/7 customer service

The following reasons are key ones to organize a described customer service:

  1. It will allow meeting the expectations of the clients. In the modern world, clients require good assistance daily and nightly. Such a demand isn’t always connected with the product/service price in their minds. Thus, high-quality customer service is a nice way to rise above your competitors. Imagine that a potential customer visits your site and thinks about buying something. The fact that you notify you’re ready to help at any time can become a motivation to purchase. On the contrary, the absence of attention can become a negative factor and make a customer leave your website.
  2. You will be able to provide support in different time zones. It’s essential for businesses to work with people from various parts of the world. Besides, it’s also important if you are going to grow your business.
  3. You can use your support service as a means to get profit. You can, for instance, offer 24/7 support as a premium product component. Thus, people will be ready to pay more to get extra privileges.
  4. 24/7 customer support allows increasing sales conversion. About half of all consumers say that real-time support in the middle of a purchasing process is essential. It’s one of the most important features any brand can provide, as they think. Good assistance is able to reduce the sales cycle and improve the conversion rates. Thus, the faster you respond, the better the results will be. Live chat is the most effective tool in this case. It allows answering faster using the conversational support funnel and influencing quick decision-making.
  5. It allows increase customer retention. The statistical data demonstrate that almost 60% of purchasers are more willing to buy if you answer their question within a very short while. A too long time of waiting is annoying for them. With 24/7 support, it’s possible to increase lifetime value – an important metric, which represents the total revenue you can expect to get from one client. Even a 5% increase in customer retention rate can lead to 25% more profit.

Tips for 24/7 customer service

For the effective application of 24/7 support, we can give the following recommendations:

  • Create real-time sales assistance (it’s advisable to use live chat with real agents)
  • Use chatbots (in addition to quick answers, they also allow collecting the information about the visitors of your website automatically for various future purposes)
  • Use chat to deal with cart abandonment (try to encourage people to start the conversation using well-customized messages, thus, reducing cart abandonment rates)
  • Use chatbots to deal with booking and appointments (it will provide good assistance and let live agents deal with more complicated issues).

The experience of your customers should always be the first priority. It will help you build a successful business and attract more clients, making them loyal. 24/7 customer support is a modern tool, which is characterized by cost-effectiveness and productivity. With such a tool, you will be able to reach wide business goals and increase your profit.

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