Top 5 Breathtaking Places to visit in Australia:

Australia is one of the best natural wonders with beautiful beaches, spaces and deserts. It is also famous for its big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. There are many tourist spots that will keep tourists in awe of Australia. Besides, it is the only continent that is also called an island. It has 41 cities and seven territories with the best natural habitat. With cafes, restaurants, festivals, events and beautiful sceneries, it has drawn attention from around the globe.

Moreover, its animal and bird species are also famous around the world. It is one of the continents that is rich in nature as well as economy and people. Australia is also one of the best-urbanised countries/continents. It is also famous for education as Melbourne is ranked 3rd most popular destination to study abroad in 2019, and Sydney is also named 9th most popular tourist destination. Below are some of the best places to visit in Australia. Let’s read on to know more:

1) Cottesloe Beach:

If you are looking for some beachside fun in Australia, then Cottesloe beach is one the most visited beaches by families and tourists in Australia. It is located in the western suburb of Perth, in a town called Cottesloe. It is also home to Australian prime minister John Curtin. It is famous for playing beachside cricket and is one of the best family beaches in Australia. The place itself is renowned for surfing and surf lifesaving. It is one of the most beautiful beaches and ranked and world’s 2nd largest best beach for the family, stretched over 0.6 miles in Cottesloe.

2) Daintree Forest:

Hiking is one of the best ways to know about the place you are visiting. Australia has one of the best atmospheres that is suitable for hiking. Daintree Forest, located on the northern coast of Queensland, is one of the famous tourist spots in Australia. It is found that 400,000 visitors visit this forest annually. What makes it unique is it is the oldest forest ever; it is even older than the Amazon rainforest. It is also home to a huge percentage of the animal population in Australia. Isn’t it beautiful to go on walking/hiking in this beautiful forest and enjoy in the arms of nature?

3) Various Music Festivals:

Australia is quite famous for its music festivals. Although it isn’t included as one of the places, music festivals are famous among tourists, so don’t forget to visit its renowned music festivals whenever you are exploring Australia. The Australian Music Festival is divided into 30 music festivals in Australia where famous Australian singers perform. Although due to pandemics for the last two years, it has been impossible to organise these renowned music festivals, once the situation goes back to the pre-pandemic era, you should visit a few of these music festivals before you decide to come back from the tour of exploring Australia.

4) Lake Hillier:

One of the most famous tourist spots in Australia is Lake Hillier. It is famous for its reddish-pink colour of the water. What’s more, you can also swim there if permitted because in Lake Hillier there are no harmful sea creatures that can hurt the visitors. It is situated on the edge of the middle island off the south coast of Western Australia. It is also beside the southern ocean, but the lake is divided by a long thin shore from the ocean. You can visit Lake Hillier in two ways via boat or helicopter. It is one the largest among 105 islands in Western Australia.

5) Lord Howe Island:

Islands are the best places to visit in Australia, and one of them is Lord Howe Island, situated between Australia and New Zealand. It is a crescent-shaped volcanic remnant in the Tasman Sea. It has sandy beaches, subtropical forests and clear waters. It is also home to many seabird colonies, and it is also known for its natural habitat. If you are exploring Australia, Lord Howe Lake is one of the good tourist places you should visit.

These are some of the best destinations to visit in Australia that will make you fall in love with Australia more and more.

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