Top 8 mistakes of choosing a wedding dress

Every bride dreams of looking like a goddess at her wedding, and no less. The desire is understandable and legitimate, but in this heat girls often get carried away and make some unforgivable mistakes when choosing a dress. Let’s name the most common of them to help future brides not to commit such a mistake.

Of course, each of the many bridesmaids and relatives wants to participate in such an important event as choosing a wedding gown. The problem is that all of them do not help in any way, but only hinder. Too many different opinions will only lead the newlywed off the right path. When you go to the bridal salon, take a couple of people with good taste who can speak directly and honestly about their opinions.

No matter how much you want to buy a dress right now, you should not be in too much of a hurry. It is important to know all the aspects and features of the future celebration – the color scheme, the concept, the venue. Otherwise, there is a risk of ending up, for example, in an inappropriate ball gown at a celebration organized out of town.

It’s not hard to get confused when choosing a wedding dress from Justin Alexander. Dozens of styles and hundreds of models can baffle a bride. How not to make a mistake? Let’s review popular brides’ mistakes when choosing a wedding gown to avoid them.

  1. Numerous support groups

It is not uncommon for brides to take a whole group of close people with them to go to the bridal salon: mother, sister, aunt, girlfriends. This is wrong. The more people present, the more likely it is that everyone will disagree and only confuse the bride. Even worse is when disagreements lead to quarrels and misunderstandings.

One person at the fitting – the one whose opinion the bride is ready to trust – is enough.

  1. Buying a wedding dress in advance

It is unwise, after receiving a proposal, to immediately run in search of a wedding gown. The point is not that the engagement can be broken. The point is that closer to the date of the celebration the bride’s preferences may change.

In addition, it is customary for modern weddings to be held in a particular style or color. Only after approving the final concept of the celebration can you go shopping for a dress.

  1. Trying on several dozen outfits

Do not think that the more wedding dresses you try on, the more successful your choice will be. This is not true.

After dozens of tried on dresses, the eye becomes

“washed out” and it becomes more and more difficult to make an objective choice.

  1. Chasing discounts

It’s not uncommon to see wedding salons offering huge discounts of up to 70-80%. If the store offers branded items for ridiculous money, do not rush to rejoice. It could be a fake or a dress with obvious defects.

However, if you do not fanatically chase wedding fashion and do not set a goal to get a wedding dress from the latest collection, you can count on certain discounts when buying last season’s models.

  1. Buying a smaller outfit

Buying a dress in the wrong size in the hope of losing weight for your wedding is a big risk and an unreasonable one at that. For one thing, weight loss may not happen. Or you may lose more or less weight than planned. Secondly, you can’t know exactly how the dress will fit on a changed figure.

  1. Consider models of the same style

Every bride has her favorite and disliked styles. But it is wrong to limit yourself to a single style. Often brides buy an outfit in completely different styles – not the ones they dreamed of before going to the bridal salon.

Trust the opinion of the consultants. If you are offered to try on a dress that is not the style you originally dreamed of, don’t refuse.

  1. Buying a dress, not to your liking

Sometimes a bride dreams of a tight wedding dress but she buys a puffy one that her mother insists on. Or her friends vied with each other to advise her to get the wrong shade, literally forcing the bride to agree with their choice.

The wedding dress should just have to be like the bride! Only she should have the last word in choosing the gown.

  1. Don’t budget for accessories

It is important to remember: any wedding dress will require accessories, which also cost money. Keep this in mind when planning your wedding look budget. Shoes, gloves, bijouterie, bolero, veil – all these and other accessories make the bride’s image complete.

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