Useful Tips On How To Increase Your Genitals Size Without Surgery

Increasing the size of one’s genitalia, for many men, is a fantasy. You might be surprised to learn, however, that it can become a reality. There’s lots of debate regarding enlargement products and treatments, with many people claiming that they are no more than a scam. Some experts believe otherwise, however.

While surgery is a viable route for enlargement, it’s often too expensive and too invasive for the average person. If you want to increase the size of your penis but don’t want to go under a knife, then here are a few tips:

The Size

Before getting started, let’s take a minute to discuss the size. Studies have found that most men believe their genitals are too small when in reality their penises are completely average, sometimes slightly above. Just because they appear small when flaccid, that’s not to say that they won’t grow tremendously when erect. A penis is only considered to be small when it measures less than three inches when erect, which is very uncommon. This is called a micro-penis. Even if one were to have it, however, it is still possible to have a very satisfying and fulfilling love life. It might be the case that you don’t need to use products to increase the size because it is already a perfectly normal size!

Growth Supplements

Let’s get this clear from the outset: growth supplements aren’t going to increase the size of your penis, at least when it’s flaccid. According to this SizeGenix male enhancement review, however, growth supplements can boost blood flow, libido, and improve erections. Better erections can increase one’s confidence and self-esteem, making the size entirely irrelevant. Erectile dysfunction can be a very hard condition to live with, damaging one’s mental health and self-image. Growth supplements aren’t going to add an extra few inches, but they certainly can improve your erections, and by extension, boost your confidence.


Penis stretching is a controversial subject. For many years it was considered a myth. More recently, however, scientists have found that there is some merit to the claims that stretching can increase the size. The downside is however that these same studies have shown that the results are merely temporary. A study conducted in 2010 by Professor Paolo Gontero from the University of Turin found that men who used stretching devices saw an increase in size with extended daily use when used for up to nine hours a day. These people gained about 1.7cm in size, however, there was no effect on their penis’ girth.

There are two main ways of stretching one’s penis:

●     Manual stretching

It is by far the most common method employed because it does not require practitioners to purchase a stretching device, which can be expensive. Manual stretching involves daily exercises using one’s hand. These exercises consist of massaging tissues along the genitalia, with a view to stretching the skin and creating micro-tears in the tissue. These tissues appear larger as they heal, making one’s penis appear longer. There are also some manual exercises that supposedly increase girth, such as jelqing, which also involve massage. In order to achieve positive effects from jelqing and stretching, these exercises must be performed consistently, on a daily basis.

●     Stretching devices

They are much more effective at increasing the size but are also quite expensive. One device that is used often by people hoping to increase their size is the penis pump, which is attached to one’s pelvic area. These devices produce immediate erections. Through frequent use, it is believed that they can increase the size, though these claims are anecdotal. The only devices extensively studied are stretching devices, which as already mentioned, work if used consistently. Traction devices are also growing in popularity with people who want to increase their penis sizes.

Losing Weight

As with growth supplements, this isn’t a method that will actually increase your size, but rather, it will improve your confidence. With that said, losing weight and shaving your penis can make it look much larger than it is. When you are particularly heavy in the gut, it can appear much smaller than it really is. This effect is amplified if it is particularly hairy because hair can make it look much smaller. Losing weight, shaving, and going to the gym can all be very effective ways of boosting your confidence and making your genitalia  appear larger.

The long and the short of it is this: yes, there are ways you can increase your penis’s size, but without surgery, they are temporary. Even so, they do work if you’re willing to do the necessary exercises on a daily basis.

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