What Is Life Insurance And Why Is It Important? Find Out Here

Life insurance is something most people don’t like to talk about. That’s because life insurance is an essential tool for your financial well-being that’s often not thought about until it’s too late. Thankfully, there are some easy steps you can take now to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected if the unthinkable should happen. This article will address what life insurance is, why it’s essential, and how to start acquiring the coverage you need right away. If this sounds like something you need to learn more about, then you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Life Insurance?

The first step in understanding the importance of getting the proper amount of life insurance is understanding it. The definition of life insurance is pretty straightforward: guaranteed coverage for death or terminal illness issued by an insurer with a financial guarantee backed by an independent company. This means your beneficiary will receive a benefit check upon your death, regardless of your age or health condition at the time of application​. Simply put, life insurance pays out if you die.

There are four main types of life insurance: term, whole, universal, and variable. The Term type is the only one that’s paid out upon death. Whole, Universal, and Variable insurance types payout if you become terminally ill (with a specified time limit). Universal will also pay out if you are diagnosed with any other critical illness (lung cancer and heart attack) during your policy term.


When choosing your life insurance policy, it’s essential to consider your health history. Suppose you are investing in a universal or variable policy. In that case, the insurer will need to consider any pre-existing conditions when deciding what price to charge for coverage. Making this choice is easy to build up your insurability score and get lower premiums on your future policies. Make sure that you shop life insurance quotes from different providers before making the final decision. You can also purchase additional riders with certain types of life insurance policies (individual disability income rider, waiver-of-premium benefit rider ), which will protect you from having to pay premiums in the event you become disabled.

What Are The Benefits Of Life Insurance?

The obvious answer is the replacement of your income if you die unexpectedly. Even though life insurance is an oft-neglected topic, there are numerous reasons why every person should have some form of coverage:

Living Expenses When a Breadwinner Can’t Work

As covered above, life insurance can replace income lost by your death. This is particularly helpful if you’re the sole breadwinner in your household and dependents rely on that paycheck to cover living expenses. Even if you’re not “the” breadwinner, this money will allow loved ones to stay in their homes, pay off debts, and handle living costs. The last thing you want is for them to have to uproot their lives because they couldn’t afford it without your income.

Life Insurance Is An Investment In The Future Of Your Loved Ones

Life insurance is an investment that pays back in multiples when considering all the support and relief it provides for those left behind after tragedy strikes. There are numerous different life insurance policies available, making it easy to find something that will meet your needs and budget. Even if you’re tight on cash right now, there’s no reason why you can’t begin building up insurability by choosing a universal policy with no medical exam or applying for coverage through your employer.

Lump Sum Inheritance For Education Or Savings

If you have a small business or startup, this money could be beneficial in accelerating your company’s growth. If you have children, a lump sum can help with their education, whether for an advanced degree, buying a house, or starting a family. This is particularly helpful if you’d like them to use that money as their financial base upon which they can grow into successful adults with security and stability. In addition, a lump sum can be a great addition to your savings account, allowing you to take advantage of compound interest over many years.

Funeral Expenses And Estate Planning

No matter your religious beliefs, a funeral is an essential part of saying goodbye to a loved one. Funerals are expensive and can quickly put a big dent in your savings if you’re not prepared. Life insurance benefits will cover all or most of the costs associated with a proper farewell, as well as help your family members with the other expenses associated with finalizing a death (medical bills and probate fees). In addition, life insurance will also pay off debts such as credit cards and other outstanding charges, so those left behind don’t have to worry about repaying them after you’re gone.

Retirement Savings or Income

Your life insurance policy can also be considered a form of retirement savings plan because it provides for your dependents if you pass away before reaching 65. At this age, your loved ones will be able to claim monthly Social Security benefits and withdraw money from a retirement account like an IRA without penalty. It will give them financial stability and peace of mind knowing that their bills will be paid even if they lose you before you retire.

Life Insurance Can Be Less Expensive Than You Think

In most cases, life insurance can be surprisingly affordable. Depending on your age and health, you may only have to pay a small monthly premium or even nothing at all because of discounts for group rates or no medical exam policies. Even if you think you’re too young or too old for coverage, it’s still worth looking into what types of universal life policies are available to reduce the cost further. There is an option out there for everyone, regardless of age or situation. By taking a little bit of time to research various options and find a policy that suits your needs, you can help protect those who depend on you from being left with nothing after tragedy strikes.

Life insurance can be helpful for any person of age, but it’s essential if a family is dependent on you for financial support. Even when people have sufficient funds from a family member or spouse, life insurance can make these funds available more quickly if you pass away prematurely. All in all, life insurance is a versatile tool to have at your disposal and one that you should think about investing in if you don’t already have it.

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