What kind of equipment do you need to arrange a remote meeting ?

Meetings are a significant part of a company’s calendar. However, there are situations where company employees are not able to physically attend a meeting. Yet, the absence of a participant can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the meeting.

It is to avoid this kind of situation that a remote meeting is sometimes more convenient. However, a remote meeting requires appropriate equipment. Would you like to know what tools are needed to make a video conference? We give you the answers.

An online remote meeting software

This is undoubtedly the crucial tool for managing a remote meeting. An online remote meeting software is what allows the meeting being held. This platform ensures participant exchanges, document shares, meeting debriefs, etc.

However, choosing a web-based remote meeting software is not always easy. In fact, you must take into account many parameters to be able to make your choice. For example, you can choose your software based on :

  • The number of participants allowed by the collaborative tool,
  • The video quality,
  • The ease of use,
  • The software compatibility on different media,

Apart from the different functions of the meeting software, you also have to take into account its level of data protection and its price.

Among the most practical remote meeting software is Klaxoon. It is a collective work platform that could be easily integrated into the corporate organization. Moreover, klaxoon is perfectly suitable for companies wishing to adopt a hybrid working mode. That is, companies that want to hold meetings remotely and in physics at the same time.

Equipments for communication

After the remote meeting software, you also need equipment to ensure that video conferencing is possible. If you use a mobile device such as a tablet, all the equipment needed for video conferencing is integrated into the device. However, if you use a computer, you will need to invest in some additional accessories.

Here is a list of materials you will need to organize remote meetings:

  • Speakers : As a matter of fact, speakers are devices that will allow you to have well amplified sound for your meetings. But today, it is more convenient to use a headset to get sound. Moreover, most of them are also equipped with a microphone.
  • A microphone : A microphone allows participants to speak. Even if some devices are equipped, it is sometimes necessary to use a separate microphone to better communicate. The quality of the microphone also makes exchanges easier.
  • A headset : A headset is often more convenient for personal use. Its main characteristic is to transmit the sounds directly to the ear of the participant in the meeting. In addition, the headset is often equipped with a microphone, which makes the exchanges between participants easier.
  • A webcam : Mobile devices are usually equipped with it. On the other hand, for computers, it is often necessary to equip oneself to be able to see oneself.

Before each meeting, it is also important to make sure that all your equipment is working properly. A check before each video conference is therefore essential to avoid various problems such as Internet connexion problems, broken hardware, etc.

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